What Anthony Weiner can learn from Sarah Palin, Allen West, and Carl Levin…

    Anthony Weiner has stated that his online accounts were hacked and an inappropriate photo was sent to someone that was following him.   When questioned about why he hasn’t filed a report with the FBI, or Capital Hill police, Weiner said that this is just a distraction and he will not take part in it.   He then goes on to say that if it was a | Read More »


    The day is finally here. 2  things to do… 1.  Wear rRed when you go to vote.  Why?  Because you’re a republican, show your team spirit. 2.  Text, call, e-mail all the other republicans you know and remind them to vote, and ask them to text, call, or e-mail every other republican they know to remind them. Go Christie!!!!

    What media bias?

    So Lou Dobbs, possibly the only person that has said anything critical of the Obama Administrations’s policies on one of the MSM cable staions has been harrassed with threatening calls and had a shot fired at his house.   I would imagine that this would be big news within the media, as it is an attack on one of their own.   I would imagine that CNN | Read More »

    Stop Obama! Support Dede????

    Dear Mr. Michael Steele, I regularly recieve your e-mails regarding stopping the radical agenda of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.   I’ve read them,  i’ve agreed with them.   I heard the republican leadership also state how this radical left agenda of the democrats needs to be stopped.   How the stimulus bill did nothing to create jobs.   How the spending of democrats in congress was leaving a burden | Read More »

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    Anyone know when this “Global Warming” is going to kick in?

    I’m freezing my butt off right now.   I’m just wondering if i missed it, or if it’s just hasn’t arrived yet.   Any of you know Al Gore’s number?   And if any of you run into him, please have him send some to New Jersey.

    Rush is a perfect fit for the NFL

    I just really don’t get it.   I mean, i do understand that the NFL has a reputation to protect, and must look like they are the premiere sports league in the world.  Both talent wise, and morally. However… We all know that Rush Limbaugh is not a racist.   We know that he is called one by those that wish nothing but his demise, simply because | Read More »

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    Letter to RNC from Pat Wright…

    I felt this was something worth posting as it’s how a lot of us feel.   Was forwarded to me from one of the Tea Party groups i belong too, and it’s worth a read. OPEN LETTER TO MICHAEL STEELE AND THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE       I’m appalled that there has not been a movement from the Republican Party to impeach this man who is | Read More »

    CNN, Roland Martin, and Priorities

    From Roland Martin’s article on What the critics don’t see is that Obama’s loss on the Olympics is America’s loss. Any red-blooded American who loves to see the American flag raised and the national anthem played when one of our own wins a gold medal should blast the Republicans’ giddiness over the loss. Really?   So since the Olympics aren’t held in Chicago, when American athletes | Read More »

    Safer to not have health insurance???

    I just wanted to thank those great people from harvard for pointing this out…. Let’s crunch some numbers… 300 million people in the US today. 45 million are uninsured So 265 million people are insured. Average life expectancy is 75 years. So 1/75th of 265 million is 3,533,533 So we can assume that 3,533,333 people with insurance die each year. That means…  1.33% of people | Read More »

    In case you were wondering….

    Thanks to the great people of Smart girl politics we now know that the harmless presidential speech to children was in fact used by the liberal elites that currently run our school systems.   It would be so nice if the people at Smart Girl Politics never had the chance to post this simply because it never happened, but it did.   And it needs to be | Read More »