The Democrat Party says “thanks!” to the Delaware GOP [closed]

    [G’bye. You want to talk up Democrats? Do it at Daily Kos. Not here. – NS] The Delaware primary is a case of a battle won and a war lost. Public Policy Polling (PPP) fielded a general election survey in Delaware over the weekend that they plan to release today, though they teased results yesterday that imply an even bigger Coons lead. They reported Coons | Read More »

    That mosque near Ground Zero

    I agree with Krauthammer and others.  Ground Zero is hallowed ground, and a mosque in such close proximity is bad form.  I don’t want it there.  Except there’s this one sticking point that I just can’t get around: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Like it not, Islam is a religion.  As adherents to the | Read More »

    A real healthcare flimflam

    Last Friday and over the weekend, the uber-partisan Paul Krugman took several swipes at Paul Ryan and his Roadmap, starting with the complaint that the CBO didn’t score the plan.  In a follow-up, he called Ryan a flimflammer.  One problem.  The CBO doesn’t score revenue forecasts.  That’s the job of the Joint Committee on Taxation, and they wouldn’t do forecasts beyond ten years.  Ryan responded to | Read More »

    The Taliban’s latest evil

    You know a group is a cancer on society when they murder international aid workers. Ten members of a foreign medical team — including six Americans and three women, all doctors and technicians — were shot to death on Thursday in a remote corner of the Hindu Kush in northern Afghanistan, officials confirmed Saturday. The Taliban has a good PR apparatus, especially when civilians are | Read More »

    A moderate GOP plank

    This is an issues piece from a moderate conservative perspective.  We have a structurally imbalanced deficit, and spending restraint alone will not cut it.  We’re in the worst economy since the Great Depression.  Because of this, on social issues, I agree with Mitch Daniels:  We have more serious priorities.  I may very well be wrong, but I’m pessimistic that the GOP will regain the majority | Read More »


    More nuclear option. A lot more

    The more I read about fast reactors, the more I like. From a Q&A with a science writer: Most existing nuclear power plants, including all the ones operating in the US, are of a type known as a thermal reactor, they use slower neutrons. But there’s another type of nuclear reaction useful for generating power that uses faster neutrons. We’ll call those types “fast reactors”. | Read More »


    “The irony of the underlying bill as it’s written is that someone like Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is going to get basically a full military trial with all the bells and whistles. He’s gonna have counsel. He’s gonna be able to present evidence to rebut the government’s case…. I think we will convict him. And I think justice will be carried out.” —Senator Barack Obama, 2006, | Read More »

    Week Nine of Operation Dither

    At The New Republic, Stephen Biddle asks if there’s a middle way for Afghanistan. The short answer: Not really. The gist: The reasons vary from proposal to proposal, but the basic problem is that the pieces of COIN are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts; implementing just one or two pieces alone undermines their effectiveness. It might | Read More »

    Bruce Ackerman: Blame Shifter

    I haven’t read much of Bruce Ackerman, and after persuing this, I can say that I haven’t missed a thing. His basic thesis is that General McChrystal is insubordinate because he disagrees with the Biden Magic Secret Ninja Plan, that the general supports the plan that he created, and that the 66-page report was leaked to the Washington Post. What a ridiculous article. McChrystal differed | Read More »

    Afghans deserve a runoff

    Implicit in my support of the mission in Afghanistan–in addition to having more troops and a workable strategy–is that they have a president who doesn’t steal elections. Given the amount of fraud already discovered, Hamid Karzai does not deserve outright victory: Afghans loyal to President Hamid Karzai set up hundreds of fictitious polling sites where no one voted but where hundreds of thousands of ballots | Read More »