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    The Libertarian Distinction

    I, personally, don’t think that the Republican Party would, particularly, benefit from the advice from some out there to abandon the social conservatives and just run full-bore as the fiscally conservative/strong national defense party. Oh, they’d pick up a vote here or there but for every vote they’d pick up here or there, they’d lose two or three (or four) in other places and it | Read More »

    12 Steps To A Healthy Republican Party (and, perhaps, majority)

    There is a scene in C.S. Lewis’s _The Great Divorce that has been sticking in my craw in the last month or so. It’s the scene where they talk about Napoleon. If you haven’t read it (you should, it’s good) it’s a discussion of Hell. Hell, Lewis explains, is a place where one’s wishes are immediately granted. The problem is that people wish for things | Read More »

    Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District

    Doug Lamborn (R) represents and won handily (like, 60-40) in 2006 (I am having trouble finding 2008 election numbers though I have found an article in the Denver Post that said that Lamborn had a tougher time in the primary than in the election) though not as handily as Hefley before him did (Hefley won with 70-30 numbers).

    Birdmojo Breaks Down The Blue Book

    I got mailed a blue book with all of the Constitutional Amendments for the Colorado Ballot and I sat down with it yesterday and wrote up a cheatsheet, of sorts, for it so I can go in, vote, and get out with as little fuss as possible. I have since found out from here that a number of these have been removed from the ballot | Read More »

    Colorado Springs Meet-up Reviewed!

    The most important question is that, yes, everyone (okay, “both”) folks had a ball. Important problems were discussed, we engaged in gossip about the site, and ate/drank as Republicans ought.

    A Three-Day Weekend Kinda Post

    So I sit with one cat or the other (both cats have been… we no longer use the terms “eviscerated/castrated”, we no longer use the terms “spayed/neutered”, we now use the term “altered”) in my lap. I make cooing noises while he or she (or it) makes purring noises.

    Unsolicited (and, certainly unnecessary!) Advice about Attack Ads.

    We all know the formula that 40% of the population will vote Republican no matter what, 40% of the population will vote Democratic no matter what, and the 20% in the middle are the squishes who decide elections (if “squishes” doesn’t work for you, think “Reagan Democrats” or “Clinton Republicans”). As such, there are three kinds of issue ads (or attack ads, it’s all good)…

    Official Colorado Springs Meet-up Diary

    Okay, are we going to do this or what? I suggest Jose Muldoon’s because everybody knows the location of Acacia Park… but if there are more people who say “no, I live up on Rockrimmon and I want to go to P.F. Chang’s and spend lots of money because, hey, I live on Rockrimmon!”, that’s an option too. Who’s in and under what circumstances? What | Read More »

    The 10th Amendment Dies Quietly

    5 Counts of Distributing Drugs. That is what Charles Lynch was found guilty of today. He was the owner of a Morrow Bay marijuana dispensary. He dispensed with the blessing of State Law (and in accordance with it)… and now he’s going to be getting five years (minimum).

    Another Church Shooting

    You’ve probably read by now about the Church Shooting in Tennessee. When I had heard about it, however, it had pretty much just happened and so I was trying to piece together what “really” happened from the little tidbits the webpages were presenting. Looking back, I found myself wondering about media narratives in general. But let’s begin at the beginning…