Free Speech 101 – a primer by Democrats

Some people are visual learners and some learn better by example, so we at the DNC/SEIU/ACORN/MSNBC put together a few examples to help you right-wing morons understand the difference between acceptable, patriotic, peaceful, freedom of speech and unamerican, hateful, violent, “yelling ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater” speech that is not protected. Compare and contrast each pair here and perhaps you can get it through your thick skulls what counts as protected free speech.

1a) Here is the proper way to politely deal with a Hispanophobic who would tear apart hard-working families.

1b) As opposed to that peaceful statement, note how this thug brandishes a knife, talks about wanting to fight, and trespasses in order to destroy someone else’s property. This is clearly unamerican and not protected.

2a) Gathering peacefully to denounce war crimes is a laudable cause. Here is a fine example of that in action, with these peaceful folks resisting the urge to violence by those who are punching and kicking them.

2b) Here you see what happens when you let such war criminals be produced. Note how this goon mentions his use of a rifle – a veiled threat of violence against those who disagree with him. This cannot be allowed.

We hope this helps. Thank you.

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