That sound you hear is Dick Cheney slapping down Obama bigtime

    After this weekend saw all the usual suspects like Rahm and Axelrod spouting to all the Sunday morning news shows (except Fox of course) about how today’s Afghanistan issues are all Bush’s fault because he turned over nothing except 8 years of being “adrift” there, Dick Cheney called them on it today in a major way. Recently, President Obama’s advisors have decided that it’s easier | Read More »

    In case you had any doubt that liberals don’t get it when it comes to health care reform

    From the diaries by Erick. This article from Colorado (h/t Drudge) should end any lingering doubts. Let’s compare what the insurance execs claim… Their concern: People will buy insurance only when they desperately need it, such as after they’re diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. Healthy people might choose to pay the penalty, now proposed at a few hundred dollars per year, because it is | Read More »

    Is there a pool on how long before the race card gets played here?

    Drudge is linking to a report on the Sunday morning talk shows where former Obama Cabinet nominee Judd Gregg said on CNN that “we’re basically on the path to a banana-republic-type of financial situation in this country.” I expect we’ll see a flood of faux outraged comments today about how that’s a codeword that acts as a racial slur toward Obama. Some other good comments | Read More »

    Arianna Huffington calls on Biden to resign

    No, not because he’s a moron who can’t say two sentences without including something that’s offensive, obviously false, or plagiarized. Instead, she wants him to resign as a publicity stunt related to Afghanistan. Joe Biden met with CENTCOM chief Gen. David Petraeus this morning (note: that would be 10/14) to talk about Afghanistan — an issue that has pushed the vice president into the spotlight, | Read More »


    Did ACORN handle the Nobel Peace Prize voting?

    It sounds like the initial vote was 3-2 against Obama, so I guess they had to keep voting until they got it “right”. Three of the five members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee had objections to the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to US President Barack Obama, the Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang (VG) reported Thursday. “VG has spoken to a number of sources who confirmed | Read More »

    Leave it to “unbiased” Reuters to slant a story

    Let’s see…. Once again the hurricane forecasters were way too pessimistic. How to headline the story? – US thankful for quiet hurricane season – Hurricane forecasters proven wrong again – Is global warming a thing of the past? Nah, none of those would do. I would have expected maybe – Climate change complicates hurricane forecasting so they could get in a little “if it’s not | Read More »

    Final pre-vote speeches in Baucus committee are underway (UPDATE: Snowe is voting yes)

    The Democrats are all whining about the insurance industry report in their pre-vote speeches. Lincoln is trying to have it both ways of course – she’s voting for the Baucus Bill today but makes no promises about voting for the final bill as it ends up on the Senate floor. So whether you Arkansans are fer it or agin it, she shares your view and | Read More »

    Romneycare Rationing

    From the diaries by Erick According to this Boston Globe article, the good ole Commonwealth of Mass is trying to save its universal health care plan — by doing pretty much the same sorts of things that liberals whine that HMOs and private insurance plans do. The state’s ambitious plan to shake up how providers are paid could have a hidden price for patients: Controlling | Read More »

    DiFi calls for more troops in Afghanistan

    I certainly didn’t see this coming. The article has more from Levin than from DiFi, but it also tosses in McGrahamCain to balance it out. Below are the parts with DiFi and Levin quotes. This seems like a big deal to me, as until now there has been zero comment from any influential Dems saying we need more troops there. Ike Skelton has taken McChrystal’s | Read More »

    NFL Union wants its multi-million-dollar salaries from someone other than Rush

    The St Louis Rams have displaced the Detroit Lions as the laughingstock of the league, but apparently the only thing this group of loser would find embarrassing would be if Rush was part of the ownership group who bought out the team. In an e-mail to the union’s executive committee on Saturday specifically addressing Limbaugh’s bid, Smith said, “I’ve spoken to the Commissioner [Roger Goodell] | Read More »