Iowahawk takes Krugman to the woodshed

    Most of you are probably used to getting a good chuckle out of Iowahawk from his blog or his hilarious tweets. But he got serious earlier this week and used actual facts and figures to obliterate the KnownFacts™ that we are bombarded with by the teacher unions in WI and “experts” like Paul Krugman. Iowahawk examined published 2009 figures for 4th and 8th graders by | Read More »

    NJ union says its own workers are useless

    14 CWA drivers of disabled people called in sick the other day. Maybe they have a cadillac health care plan or maybe Obamacare is working miracles, but in any case several of them were healthy enough a short time later that same day to show up at a protest in Trenton. The ones who have been identified on camera have been suspended. This is one | Read More »

    Our last WWI vet passes away at age 110

    From the diaries by Bill S. Update from Erick: The U.S. Naval Institute has more here. Frank Buckles, the last of the 4,734,991 Americans who served in World War I, has passed away. When you think of most kids today, his story is just staggering. He was born on a Missouri farm when William McKinley was President. When the US entered WWI in April 1917, | Read More »

    New one for teachers: the Pearl Harbor card

    This is a new one. We’re used to variations on the victim card, but this may be a new low. Providence RI, which last I knew was not controlled by heartless Republicans, faces a possible $40M school deficit next year. State law requires them to notify teachers by March 1st if they will not be retained. Therefore the superintendent is apparently going to tell every | Read More »

    So San Francisco may ban circumcision, eh?

    Promoted from the diaries… They’re currently gathering signatures so it can be placed on the November ballot. You can’t help but read this story about the guy behind it without doing a compare and contrast with abortion a certain safe/legal/rare medical procedure. Schofield’s ordinance would outlaw the procedure throughout San Francisco, even for religious reasons. The only exception would be “a clear, compelling and immediate | Read More »

    Here we go again – rationalizing the jobless figures

    Jan 20th – “lower than expected” at 404,000 A Labor Department official said the larger-than-expected decline was partly explained by jobless claims returning to trend after the big rise the earlier week. Translation: Last week’s rise was just a blip. This proves the Obama economy is working. Jan 27th – “higher than expected” at 454,000 A labor spokesman said snowstorms earlier in the month forced | Read More »

    START treaty and missile defense

    The Washington Post had a piece over the weekend entitled Obama faces fight over missile defense as he presses New START ratification. As seems to be the case so often with MSM “news”, it ends up as a combination of left-wing spin and outright fantasy. It starts out by saying that Obama wants so badly to be the first Democrat to sign an arms treaty | Read More »

    It all depends on what the meaning of “fair deal” is

    Reuters is reporting how the administration feels about today’s Government Motors IPO, which involves selling off less than half of the stake it got for $50B of taxpayer money. Ron Bloom, the administration’s point man on auto restructuring, told Reuters Insider ahead of GM trading on Thursday that the government wants a fair return for taxpayers on its $50 billion investment, but also wants to | Read More »

    GOP sides with Rangel and Waters

    No, that’s not a typo. When Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters were charged by the House Ethics Committee, they both said they wanted to get this aired out ASAP. The Republicans on the House Ethics Committee agreed. There’s one slight problem. The Committee chair, Zoe Lofgren, has been busy doing the people’s work – like arranging for Stephen Colbert to testify before her immigration subcommittee | Read More »

    Obama releases selected census data to lay the groundwork for tax hikes on “the rich”

    We always heard about the “gap” between rich and poor during the Bush years – how it proved that he loved the rich and hated the poor. What has two years of complete Democratic control of Washington given us? A huge jump in that gap. The top-earning 20 percent of Americans — those making more than $100,000 each year — received 49.4 percent of all | Read More »