Operation Buzzkill: You vs. ObamaZombies

    Ok, today is the day to start throwing bricks at Barry’s glass house.  The bad guys won but there is no reason to let them enjoy their victory. As you prepare for the holidays, know that the O-bots are gleefully waiting to taunt conservatives.  Don’t give them the satisfaction.  Go on the offense and burst their bubble immediately.  Fighting back feels good, so give it | Read More »

    Twilight Saga: Kudos to a Stealth Culture Warrior

    I don’t like politics but I understand the importance of culture. I love movies, books and music. Most people do. Culture is our oxygen and it’s amazing how dismissive the Right is to culture. They brag about how much they don’t like pop culture or argue that Christians should step away from worldly things like pop culture.  BUNK!!  I respect and admire the culture warriors | Read More »

    Roberts Punked Out- No more stealth judges

    Roberts ObamaTax ruling was atrocious on every level.  His incoherent ruling is insane and so is any theory that Roberts really put one over on the libs.  ARE YOUR FRACKING KIDDING ME?  I’m not afraid to lose a fight.  But, I’m terrified when my allies try to turn a loss into a win by spouting theories that are pure BATCRAP CRAZY.   Mark Levin does the | Read More »

    Weiners’ Lies veer into Susan Smith Territory

    Alan Colmes had a meltdown defending the lying scumbag known as Anthony Weiner. Colmes was screaming that everybody lies about sex. His whole performance was disgusting. Weiners’ defenders gloss over the fact that Weiner ACCUSED several innocent people of despicable crimes to cover his own heinous behavior. Weiners’ lies has a taint of evil that is reminiscent of the lies of Susan Smith. Susan Smith, | Read More »

    Palin and the Fat Oprah Theory

    I’ve read many theories about why various people hate Palin but the one I find most fascinating are the explanations to explain the republican women who relish attacking her. People (mostly men) are surprised at how much “nice” women relish attacking Palin.  Why, there most be a logical, reasonable explanation for it.  I’m here to say, no, it’s just the mean girls being mean.  Rush | Read More »

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