O’Connor still doesn’t get it

    Maybe you’re like me, but the more former Justice O’Connor speaks, the more I’m convinced she is separated from reality.  This morning I was doing something I rarely do – watching Morning Joe on MSNBC.  I was flipping through the tube and noticed Justice O’Connor talking to Joe, so I stopped for a minute to listen. Joe said he, although a pro-life conservative, was always | Read More »

    A constitutional reason to vote “no”

    Deference was the word used on Capitol Hill for decades regarding presidential appointments to the courts.  Rarely did a presidential nomination fail, and when it did, it was for scandalous reasons.  Deference began to erode in the 1980s when the process of Bork-ing began.  You know Bork-ing – when the Democrat-controlled Senate defeated the nomination of Judge Robert Bork to be Associate Justice on the Supreme | Read More »

    Is Plaxico Burress the next plaintiff in a Gun Ban Law Challenge?

    First, Plaxico Burress is a moron.  Let’s get that out of the way.  Mr. Burress is a wide receiver for the New York Giants, and hero to the G-Men fans for helping their team vault over the previously undefeated (and seemingly unconquerable) New England Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl.  But last weekend, he crossed the Hudson into a downtown Manhattan night club with a | Read More »

    The Secret Ballot

    You may have heard that the newly elected Democratic Congress wants to make one of its first priorities in January to strip workers of the right to vote by secret ballot whether to unionize. It is called the Card Check Bill. Union bosses want to know who votes against them, because that way, they can lobby, bribe, coerce, bully or threaten those voters with retribution | Read More »