Sen. Mark Pryor Tackles The Tough Issues While Washington is awash in scandal and news broke that Democrats wanted the IRS to probe tax-exempt political groups, Mark Pryor is talking about… football… grilling… and his favorite movie. Sounds about right for someone who is looking to hide his liberal voting record from constituents.

    McCain/Palin suspend campaign

    Due to our economic problems John McCain announced today that he will be suspending his campaign tomorrow morning. Senator McCain will go to Washington tomorrow to meet with leaders of both parties.Not to be out done, Obama came out afterward saying he first went to McCain to do something about he economy but McCain went behind his back and announced he was suspending the campaign. | Read More »

    Check out to support our VP nominee!

    Now THAT’S a woman!

    Culture Warrior and artist Zack Rawsthorne has a funny comic he posts on Diversity Lane. Liberals, or “progressives,” have a disdain and hatred for all things that are traditionally American. The Democratic Party represents most of their interests as it is being hijacked by and the Daily Kos type who have led the charge against Gov. Palin. Conservatives have been successfully battling back with | Read More »

    CBS News: The Sarah Palin Phenomenon Is Doomed

    Sept 16 http://www.thankstopalin.comAccording to Jon Freidman at CBS News, Sarah Palin is only popular because of the news media. He attributes the young, fresh conservative woman’s admirmation by millions of Amercians a result of a “media crush.” “For as long as she has been in the public eye, people have been skeptical about her qualifications, but the allure of her beginner’s pluck catapulted Palin to | Read More »