Protecting the rights of high school kids in Wakefield, MA

    From a news article at “A war veteran and substitute teacher has been asked to not come back to work at Wakefield High School. Joe Bellavia served 25 years ago, and in 2003 his son, Joseph, was killed while serving in Iraq. Bellavia was substituting at Wakefield High recently when a student said to a classmate after the pledge of allegiance that she didn’t have | Read More »

    Coldwarrior pushes a neophyte into the fray…

    I carry, as a good luck charm and means to keep my perspective grounded, a small stone I picked up on Omaha Beach 2 years ago. Given the ‘bribe, vote, then read’ legislative process of the Obama, Reed, Pelosi troika, I sometimes wonder if the men who gave their all on D-Day would have done so had they known what the country would be like | Read More »

    Congressman Tierney, MA-06 Teleconference Town Hall Meeting

    I received this in an email from Congressman Tierney this morning.  I hope those of us in the district who oppose Obamacare will call in: Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding my upcoming town hall meetings. I appreciate the opportunity to respond. On Wednesday, August 26 and Monday, August 31, I invite you, your neighbors and friends to join me in a telephone town | Read More »