I Hope A President Romney Doesn’t Forget Nuclear Modernization

    After cancelling almost all modernization programs after the Cold War Bush 41 laid the groundwork to continue to neglect strategic modernization to this day. Democrats can simply say, “The Cold War is over look what a former Republican President did.” I have added a link from the National Institute of Public Policy that outlines Russia’s current modernization and it is a sobering document. In so | Read More »

    Another Entitlement Class – Squatters

    Meet The Squatters: Here Are The Millions Of Americans Who Live Mortgage-Free For Up To 5 Years And Counting Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/10/2011 13:14 -0400 The topic of Americans living mortgage-free in foreclosed homes on which banks do not have proper titles is nothing new – in fact we are surprised that there isn’t a robosignature app for that…yet. Neither is the fact | Read More »

    It’s Official: The New Start Nuclear Arms Treaty Allows the Russian to Build Up Forces

    While only the US will have to disarm. From Global Security Newswire: Russian Deployed Strategic Arsenal Below Limit Set by New START Thursday, June 2, 2011 By Martin Matishak Global Security Newswire Email This Article Print This Article Print All Articles WASHINGTON — Russia’s stockpile of deployed strategic nuclear warheads is already below the ceiling required by the U.S.-Russian arms control treaty that took effect | Read More »

    Secretary Gates’ Speech – Subtle Shot At Obama?

    In a speech given at the Ronald Reagan Building Secretary Gates had this to say: “As most of you here remember, when Ronald Reagan took office, there was little to joke about, or smile about for that matter.  In the previous decade we’d seen: A collapse in Vietnam, and the deaths of millions across Southeast Asia; Stagflation; Two energy crises; The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; | Read More »

    There Will be no Triad Modernization under Obama

    As predicted. During the run up to the ratification of the New Start nuclear arms treaty RINO’s signed up because Obama “promised” to fund modernization of the nuclear enterprise and the triad delivery systems like the Minuteman III ICBM. As the story below shows Obama seems to have forgotten to fund the Minuteman III modernization study: From Global Security Newswire U.S. Air Force Changes Mind | Read More »

    Interviews the Rummy Way

    I aplogize if this is not considered a proper diary post with just a link and no “guts” to it but I wanted to provide it to the readers of Redstate and to every Republican politician in America. The media hates you and will manipulate information and use leftist talking point to frame the debate. In this interview with Andrea Mitchell and Donald Rumsfeld watch | Read More »

    New Start and Peace in Our Time?

    Russia launches arms race with new intercontinental ballistic missile Russia is developing a replacement for the world’s most devastating intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in a move that risks reviving a global nuclear arms race. ————————————————————– Back in the early 80’s when the arms race was heating up debate raged around the possible deployment of the US’s MX or Peacekeeper missile. The Peacekeeper was going to | Read More »

    When it Comes to Weakening the US its Always Rush, Rush, Rush

    From Global Security Newswire: Here are some quotes (my comments are in italics) “It is obligatory for the United States to ratify” the treaty, Schlesinger told the Senate panel. There is “nothing in the treaty that is problematic,” added the official, who served in the Nixon and Ford administrations. Nothing is problematic, wow the perfect treaty the first time is human history this has | Read More »

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    Crist’s Lead Over Rubio Grows?

    From the Tampa Bay dot com. A new Florida Chamber of Commerce poll suggests Charlie Crist may be widening his lead over Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Kendrick Meek in the U.S. Senate race. Where other recent polls showed Crist barely edging out Rubio, the June 9-13 survey of 607 likely voters by the Florida Chamber of Commerce Political Institute and Cherry Communications found | Read More »

    Barney Frank and some RINO’s want to weaken America…..even further

    From Defense News: The Sustainable Defense Task Force unveiled its plan to cut $1.1 trillion in military spending. The rest of the story – They pass a new trillion dollar entitlement ask for billions upon billions for a stimulus that has failed miserably but would love to gut our national defense. Why is it Democrats and the Left want the federal government to do | Read More »