ABC News: Heartless Cheney Steals One!

    Good Morning America at ABC ran a story this morning about Dick Cheney’s surprise heart transplant.  Apparently he has been on a waiting list for almost two years, being kept alive by a battery powered pump device.  The emphasis of the story wasn’t about the news of the story, or the technology of the procedure.  It was about the burning question:  Was Cheney too old | Read More »

    Women’s Issues Only Misdirect

    People, please watch the other hand.  What you are seeing is not what is really going on.  This past week has seen a concentration of volatile issues related to women’s rights.  We’ve seen the military open more positions to women.  We’ve seen the controversy over where Susan G. Komen distributes its grants.  Perhaps most importantly, we’ve seen the Obama administration attempt to trample the religious | Read More »

    Komen Mugged By Pro-Choice Left

    The Komen controversy this week has been a lesson in the workings of radical left wing politics in this Country.  We have seen clearly how the loudest most militant elements of our society get their way by threat, coercion and tantrum.  We have also seen 26 Senators throw their political weight behind a dispute that is in the end, a private funding issue.  The Komen | Read More »

    A Fair Share From Everyone

    The Left is fond of accusing Tea Partiers and Conservatives of not wanting to pay any taxes.  I believe that to be a gross mis-representation.  Taxes are essential to funding our Country’s operation.  The United States Government generates no tangible product except stamps at the Post Office, so America is dependent upon an uninterrupted flow of cash from its citizens to keep everything moving along.  | Read More »

    Anybody But Romney?

    Someone coined the phrase “Anybody But Obama” to describe the primary goal and direction of the Right in America.  I don’t know if that will be a winning strategy in 2012 or not.  The truth is “anybody” may not be able to garner enough independent and undecided votes to beat this incumbent.  Who the Republicans choose to receive their nomination is very important, and should | Read More »

    Laws For The Lawless?

    This past holiday week seemed full of tragic stories.  We all know bad things happen to good people, but it always seems more poignant at this time of year.  A particularly senseless murder occurred here in Washington State yesterday, and unfortunately, Liberals couldn’t wait to use it as an opportunity to criticize a law they don’t like and try to advance their “lack of logic | Read More »

    What Herman Cain Needs To Say

    From time to time, I let my imagination run wild, and assume the persona of a political speech writer.  I think about what I would write for a sitting politician, or a hopeful candidate.  In today’s post, I am compelled to write something for Herman Cain.  The harassment allegations against him are again diverting our attention from the ultimate goal of the 2012 election: removing | Read More »

    Sometimes What You Don’t Say, Part II

    The Republican debates so far have been an exposition of the good, the bad and the ugly.  I know it is a normal part of the political process, and I believe it is healthy for our system.  Only by thoroughly vetting our candidates can we make an intelligent choice to move forward against President Obama.  In a previous post I stated my opinion that maybe | Read More »

    It’s Time To Clean Up The Trash

    OK, they’ve had their collective say, and authorities have been more than patient.  It is now time to clean up the trash and send the riff raff home. No one has a right to set up housekeeping in a public or private park for even two minutes much less two weeks.  The Occupy (fill in the city) “movement” is tired already, and if any of | Read More »

    America Is Never So Strong…

    “America is never so strong as when she is hurting, or her back is against the wall.” Today across America, citizens of this great Country are participating in memorials to the events of 9/11/2001.  Clearly for many, ten years have not erased the scars, or lessened the sadness.  For many, there is a need for a gathering of strength and fellowship, even in sorrow.  The | Read More »