Job Shift Could Be Good News

    If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that my day job is in the building trades.  The current downturn of our economy has hit this industry hard, and the people I deal with daily have paid a heavy price for this Administration’s assault on the free market.  Recently however, I’ve seen a shift in sector job loss that might just be | Read More »

    Obama The Landlord

    The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about an administration plan to rent foreclosed houses owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The logic goes something like this:  Since all these people have lost their houses to foreclosure, they have to live somewhere, and are likely renting.  The glut of renters is causing rental rates to increase, and the Government just happens to have | Read More »

    Congressional Time Well Spent?

    Well, it’s late in May and the Republicans have had some time to settle into their new offices after the mid-term rout.  Our economy is still in the tank, with an almost non-existent housing market, and unemployment floating around nine percent.  If the old guys got the message from the election, and the new guys are doing what they promised, we would expect to see | Read More »

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    May I Humbly Suggest…?

    OK, OK, OK.  I am so tired of hearing the mantra of this President and Liberal politicians.  “Tax the rich”, make the filthy bastards pay their “fair share”.  President Obama continued the call to class warfare in his “budget” speech last week.  We can’t afford to give continued tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, he said.  This is clearly the talking point of choice for | Read More »

    Newsflash–Obama Not Black, He’s A Chameleon!

    President Obama’s “me too” budget speech on Wednesday revealed his true colors, or stripes, or spots…  Let’s see, now he is saying we must cut Federal spending.  That’s new, right?  Just a few weeks ago, he wasn’t willing to agree to any cuts in the tardy 2010 budget.  Now he is all about fiscal responsibility.  Hmmm… On February 23, 2009 he promised to “cut the | Read More »

    I Think We’ve Turned A Corner

    I believe it is time for optimism.  That has been a rare case in the last two years.  Yesterday’s budget battle in Washington heralded the new Conservativism that swept this Country in the form of the Tea Party, and displayed its power with the midterm Republican shift.  House Speaker Boehner’s skillful victory over whinny Socialists in the Senate is good news for Conservatives, and more | Read More »

    A Republican House Of Cards

    The afterglow of the mid-term elections has just about faded.  Who knew that giddy optimism of the Republican rout would give way to schizophrenic uneasiness over the role and direction of the Party?  House Speaker Boehner has his hands full, trying to integrate the new, hard Right members of the House with more seasoned, moderate thinking representatives.  The looming specter of a Government shutdown is | Read More »

    Clean Wind Power’s Dirty Little Secret: China

    President Obama and his EPA and Energy Department seem intent upon forcing wind power technology down our throats.  Not that this is a new tactic of this administration, but it is just another example of blind pursuit of an ideology based upon warm fuzzy goals in spite of cruel nasty reality.  Essentially, they want us to support and accept an energy source that costs more, | Read More »

    Warm Fuzzy Speech Ignores Cold Hard Facts

    The State of the Union speech actually wasn’t bad.  President Obama said a few things with which I agree, and he didn’t say anything that made me want to throw something at my television.  I do think however that many things he did say, can’t go without at least being challenged.  It was a long speech, so here is my attempt to address some of | Read More »

    “What If” Thought Experiment

    Since Progressives want to play a game of “what if” regarding the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, lets do a quick thought experiment to test their accusations. Many on the Left have drawn a link between rhetorical discord and political violence. Additionally, they insist that inflammatory images (targets, crosshairs, etc.) incite specific, directed violence toward members of our Government. The pretense here is that if we | Read More »