Wagging US by the Condom

    Headlines everywhere have pronounced the recent SCOTA rulings a major blow to Obama, but in regards to the Hobby Lobby case it may turn out to be actually the opposite.  No mainstream outlets are talking about the economy, employment, foreign policy, and health care; where the President is failing on all fronts.  The only thing this administration has been even halfway successful in lately is | Read More »

    NYT Obama Photobomb Captioning

    Take a look behind the President in this NYT photo topping their story on Obama’s vivid* statement about American foreign policy. There’s a gem of a photobomb to be seen for those able to bore through Obama’s historical aura. I wonder if this odd expression is the result of an active imagination fueled by past policy statements and the excuses that have followed. Here’s my | Read More »

    5 Good Things About 4 More Years of Obama

    I’ve been on a strict non-political diet since the election but have decided now it’s time to move “forward” and look at the bright side of things. So this is a list I came up with on the good things about a continued Obama Presidency. 1) Now you do know where you children are. Yes, they are in the basement playing X-Box along with all | Read More »

    Liberals Loathe Me. This I Know, for the NYT Tells Them So.

    Here’s the chorus, everybody sing! Yes, liberals loathe me! Yes, liberals loathe me! Yes, liberals loathe me! The New York Times tells them so. Moe Lane uses fewer than 75 words on his latest front page post at RedState to make the point that Steve Almond is just flat out “a bad person.” Instead, he lets the louche liberal’s venomous screed over at the NYT | Read More »

    Obama Participates in a Modern Day Media Lynching

    Unless you’re one of those under-a-rock dwelling Geico guys it would be almost impossible to miss the absolute uproar taking place over the death of Trayvon Martin. A death about which other than the alleged fact that a man shot and killed the young Martin, very little is known about the entire ordeal except that the victim was black. Now schools are emptying, careers ruined, | Read More »

    When Will the Lambs Stop Screaming?

    President Obama is certainly no stranger to throwing family, friends, spiritual advisers and even the occasional terrorist buddy under the bus to further his career, but now to save his job he is willing to take it even further.  He has officially gone serial. Over the weekend he addressed the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).  The “black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs” crassly dropped his Ivy | Read More »

    There is No Plan

    President Obama: Do not try and defend the plan. That’s impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth. Jay Carney: What truth? President Obama: There is no plan. Jay Carney: There is no plan? President Obama: Then you’ll see that it is not the plan that needs defending, it is only yourself. There is no plan.  Actually there was one, but it didn’t have anything | Read More »

    The Clearly Ambiguous President

    Here you go SNL- I wrote the script for you. Mr. President are we at war? CAP: Absolutely not. Let me be clear, we are in a kinetic military action. Is that like an overseas contingency operation? CAP: We are not fighting man-made disasters here. The enemy is a tyrant that needs to be deposed. Does that mean the US intends to enforce a regime | Read More »

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    Goodbye Cruel World

    Not gonna do it, wouldn’t be prudent (in my best impression of a Dana Carvey impression).  I shall not abandon my family, friends, and country to slip into the hypnotic, sucking vortex of failed progressivism.  So what’s with the GCW title?  It’s probably not what you think.   As a tribute to the old-timers, I say read on past the fold… My wife has been battling | Read More »

    What’s in Your Stocking This Holiday Season? What’s in Al-Qaeda’s?

    What’s in Your Stocking This Holiday Season? You won’t need Shawn and the Guster on the case if you are one of the over 50 million US citizens that will travel by air during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. That’s because the answer is all too easy- it will be the latex gloved hand of a TSA agent that you will find in your stocking… and | Read More »