The War on Intelligence

    The ultimate Democrat double entendre, the War on Intelligence is a combat operation liberal politicians, leftist fanatics, apologists and the press can finally get behind!

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    300… Ways You can Roar like a Lion!

    Promoted from diaries – Moe Lane I got fired up at the Redstate gathering. Leaving Atlanta, I felt as an elite warrior uniquely skilled to fight the progressive hordes threatening our nation. One of the Spartans, with a fierce grimace I intended to draw a line in the sand and hold my ground until the rest of the nation came to their senses and marshaled | Read More »

    Democrats Standing in the Doorway… Again

    As much as they would like to rewrite it, Democrats have a rich history of standing in the doorway in an effort to block those that are “different”. Do they not see the similarities of an ugly past when they turn town halls into union and ACORN only affairs or realize the sad irony in having a separate door for the “mob”? As bought and | Read More »


    Jesus was a Corporate Shill

    Like a perverted political version of Jeff Foxworth’s “You might be a redneck if…” bit, the current leftist line on manufactured anger and astroturfing would be hysterically funny if delivered by a comedian- but is absolutely terrifying coming from the Democrat majority and its propaganda bureau. In an astounding, bipolar reversal from six months ago, both of these outlets of ignorance have switched from saying | Read More »

    The “F” Seems Awful Fitting- Now click.

    Before reading the story below notice the “F” typo in the title of the song above- it does seem awful fitting (many “F” words come to mind) as you will soon find out. Now play the video, pay close attention to the lyrics while pondering the future of health care, taxes, national security, jobs, and the economy. As the words scroll down the screen like | Read More »

    Democrats Tape CIA Note on Refrigerator

    Have you read this letter? It’s absolutely comical, not even written on real letterhead or even deemed valid by those who signed it. Slipped up under the door of staffers two weeks after the fact it might as well have been left taped to the congressional refrigerator… a note, not an official communication. It’s a ridiculous sham, Republicans not privy to the (D) break room | Read More »

    Well Trained Republicans

    Just as soon as I saw news of Palin’s announcement I knew it was coming. Finished. Kaput. Time to move on. Terms of the absolute issued not by the press and lefty pundits, but our own side. Maybe it’s just me- but it seems that with any mention of a possible chink in the armor of a prominent Republican, instead of tightening ranks we will | Read More »

    Don’t Go Negative

    Concerning the recent actions of Sarah Palin, regardless of her motives she has my support. There is no such thing as a flawless leader, at least not human- so let’s stop pretending they exist and fight for those that at least try. No matter what Sarah Palin has said or done over the last year, she has been absolutely excoriated by the press and pundits. | Read More »

    Obama’s “Other Persons” Compromise

    I don’t think that’s the distant drum beat of June pride parades we are beginning to hear, but instead it just might be the gay guns of secession firing on Obama’s Fort Sumter.

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    Obama’s Big Shtick Diplomacy

    Well let’s face it, all carrot and no stick leaves you stranded with no carrots and bag of full of severed head videos.

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