Severely Conservative?

    In the article, “DeMint calls for GOP assessment of race, praises Romney”, Sen. Jim DeMint attempts to parrot the GOP Establishment’s position that Mitt Romney is the best candidate.  DeMint’s Tea Party ties are supposed to soothe  conservatives’ mistrust and dislike for a Romney candidacy. Apparently, DeMint was not sufficiently “impressed” enough to actually endorse Romney.  In fact, the whole episode appears to be a | Read More »

    A plan for dealing with ILLEGAL INVADERS

    Since the talking heads on here like to claim that many of us only offer criticism rather than real solutions, below is a plan to deal with the illegal invader issue here in the US.  Do not be confused by the politically correct references to “undocumented aliens” or illegal “immigrants”.  Those here illegally are CRIMINALS and ILLEGAL INVADERS violating the sovereignty of the United States.   | Read More »

    How many states does Perry think there are?

    (I posted this as a comment to another diary, but I thought it deserved its own place in my diary.) Shouldn’t the GOP choose a candidate that has a “clue” as to how many Justices there are on the Supreme Court? If you are going to criticize Obama for his “57 states” ignorance, shouldn’t we expect basic civics knowledge from someone on the right | Read More »

    Hey Boehner, how about showing us what is behind Door #4 . . .

    For those you of who wonder why us Tea Party folks are seething mad at the House GOP and Speaker Boehner, let’s take a look at a little Washington math. Boenher Plan v3.0 supposedly cuts spending by $900 Billion over 10 years.  1st off, no sitting Congress can restrain future Congresses, so any real cuts are only binding on the current Congress (and we all | Read More »

    Hobbits unite . . .

    Join me fellow Tea Party Hobbits in our fight to regain our Republic!  

    Obama is ‘irresponsible’ – according to Harry Reid

    I know, you can’t find that exact quote anywhere via a web search.  While conservatives will easily grasp it, I suspect most liberals will immediately be lost by this foreign concept: LOGIC! Earlier today, Senator Jim DeMint made his case for a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and tying it to the upcoming vote on increasing the debt ceiling.  As expected, the left quickly | Read More »

    ‘New math’

    President Obama has once again has told us that “better education in math and science is critical to pushing the U.S. forward.” I am sure we can all agree that improving education is a productive and noble endeavor for any society.  We have been told for many years now that American kids are suffering competitively when compared to kids in other nations.  According to Obama, | Read More »

    Just out cruising to make a “score”

    As usual, another alarming story appears to have slipped past the ever vigilant eyes of the main stream media.  As I perused the various news sources, I happened across what I thought may be a very serious issue.  The headline read, “Hezbollah Working with Cartels”.  Right away I was skeptical.  After all, I seem to remember ‘Big Sis’ assuring us that the “U.S.- Mexico Border | Read More »

    Time for Joe Biden to put a little ‘skin in the game’

    From the diaries by Leon… So, the great “tax cutters” and “deficit hawks” are at it again.  Obama has been telling us what a serious threat the exploding deficit is to our futures.  Interestingly enough, he continues to omit the small detail that his administration is responsible for the largest growth of the federal debt in the history of the Republic. In the spirit of | Read More »