Fred Thompson lands on his feet

    TVNewser founder turned NY Times reporter Brian Stelter reports: Several of the supporting actors in this year’s Republican primary are showing interest in the medium, too. Fred Thompson, the “Law & Order” star turned presidential candidate, will begin hosting a two-hour show in March, as the syndicator Westwood One is expected to announce this week. Mr. Thompson’s show would take the place of Mr. O’Reilly’s. | Read More »

    The Conservative Language of 2010 and Beyond

    As Frank Luntz explained to a PBS Frontline crew in 2004*, calling for the abolition of an “estate tax” was not effective; calling for the abolition of a “death tax” resonated much better and made the issue a winning one for the Republicans. It is my opinion that one of the reasons Barack Obama won last night is that his language was better-tested and better-suited | Read More »

    Fred Thompson makes the case for McCain (video)

    Fred is back behind the desk (without the cigar) for a little serious talk about the direction of this country: Keep reading…

    Word clouds from tonight’s Presidential debate

    Based on CNN’s transcript, here are the word clouds from Senators McCain and Obama from tonight’s debate. John McCain’s: Barack Obama’s: Word clouds were created with Wordle.

    Joe Biden responds to Fred Thompson

    Allow me to preface this diary entry by saying that the combination of Fred Thompson and Sarah Palin have me excited about the race and the future of this country and party in a way I have not been since Fred ended his candidacy on Tuesday, January 22. It’s been a long few months, but it’s good to be back and to think (maybe naively) | Read More »