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    The Madea factor

    Last week on Susie Moore show i talk about outreach for the minority community. I call it the Medea factor. Why i call it that because of this when i was in  Houston i use to notice on tv a lot of shows for the black community. One of the show was about Madea. I didn’t know how big it was going to be till | Read More »

    Being american is easy protecting your values is hard

    This week Maria Conchita Alonzo was forced out of a play in  San Francisco. Why because she chose to support Tim Donnerly for governor of California.  The director of the show didn’t want her because she  “Of course she has the right to say whatever she wants. But we’re in the middle of “the Mission”. Doing what she is doing is against what we believe,” | Read More »

    Melissa Harris Perry comedy fail.

    This is Melissa Harris Perry. A few days ago she had a panel to discuss the year in pictures. Then the picture of Mitt Romney came up with his family and his grandson who happened to be black. One of the panelist started to sing one of these thing is not like the other. Another one say it’s sum up the diversity of the GOP. | Read More »

    New York Times love of Hilary take 2

    So today the New York Times wrote an article about Benghazi not being a attack by Al Qaeda. And instead they blame the attack on a YouTube video which was Debunked by many informants and videotape evidence that showed it wasn’t the case. This whole thing was planned out in advance and was told to the US Embassy that they would be attacked on this | Read More »

    The hipster doofus guide to selling Obamacare!

    You have all seen this clown imploring you to talk to your family about Obamacare. Let’s talk about the picture the guy look like a young 20 something guy. So first of all why does he care about Obamacare when he can stay on his parents plan till he’s 26. Most likely thou is that his family is going to lose their coverage because of | Read More »

    Nelson Mandela A anti hero

    I’m watching the Nelson Mandela funeral and to many he was a example of a hero. He did help free his nation from apartheid. Yet he was without sin. he’s supported communist views and have continued to insult our presidents thou they gave money to fight aids in his country. Many in our country have compared Obama to Nelson Mandela. Thou Obama is the first | Read More »

    The knockout game how to fix it

    The knockout game is a serious game that need to be dealt with. We need to take care of it by doing some simple Things like figure out how to appeal to them in a way to not attack people. The simple fact is they are attacking people because game today job climate of unemployment that have reach 23% with African-American in United States because | Read More »

    Brobamacare where people stop acting smart and start smoking the crack.

    If you have seen the new ads for Obamacare they have took the obamacare failure to new heights. What I’m going to attempt to show here is the real message behind these ads. This ad say yes I’m a woman who need daddy government to help me because I’m a sucker for catch phrases. Plus I’m too cheap to get birth control pills on my | Read More »

    Obamacares about what i have no ideas.

    This week we found out that maybe 3.8 millions people will lose their health care. Obamacare have done more damage then Chris Christie at a buffet table look when something is obviously bad for this country you get rid of it but in Obama America it’s is praised and lied about. is showing all the canceled policy notice people are getting. Yet Obama tells | Read More »

    Obamacare website fails because Obama want a russian type healthcare.

    Yesterday President Obama was crying about the fact that people have not signed on to his website. It’s because the website is broken. The fact they poured 648 millions on this site will make you scream. They didn’t test the site until one week till the opening of the website. This site is a glorify geo cities website. In fact i think they use AOL | Read More »