PPP Invents a Sestak comeback in Pennsylvania

    While most polls for the Pennsylvania Senate are showing Republican Pat Toomey with wide leads anywhere from 7% to 10%, PPP,  a democratic polling firm released a poll today showing Democrat Joe Sestak leading by +1%. How is this possible you might ask?  Considering Toomey has made no major blunders, and the national climate continues to favor Republicans, it seems it is not. PPP last | Read More »

    TIME: Global Warming Now Starting Arson Fires

    I’m no global warming skeptic, but I am skeptical of the attempts to cause mass global warming hysteria to force submission to liberal environmental policies.  This article is one such example of that. Here is one of my favorite lines: It’s important to acknowledge that no single weather event can be definitively caused by climate change.  (But this won’t stop us from using single events | Read More »

    Stay Classy Barack Obama

    No words needed.

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    Good News for Small Businesses, Under Obama’s Tax Plan Higher Taxes = “Rocket Fuel”

    Watching the Obama Propaganda Variety Half-Hour and Obama just said he will “Give small businesses the rocket fuel they need to succeed”. So remember, when tax time comes, you are not paying taxes you are “getting rocket fuel”.

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    Gallup Poll Tightens to O +2

    (RV)+7, (E)+7, (T)+2 (-3 in all three categories), overnight. That is all. Also, Rasmussen will have a PA poll out today, which good news for McCain.

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    Drudge Reporting 20 year old McCain volunteer attacked, mutilated

    ‘B’ CARVED INTO 20-YEAR OLD WOMAN’S FACE… DEVELOPING… SHOCK: MCCAIN VOLUNTEER ATTACKED AND MUTILATED IN PITTSBURGH This cult-like “movement” has got to me stopped before we start seeing people get killed. Just ask the Venezuelans.


    Big Ten Polls Out

    Ohio Big10 Battleground Obama 53, McCain 41 Obama +12 Pennsylvania Big10 Battleground Obama 52, McCain 41 Obama +11 Michigan Big10 Battleground Obama 58, McCain 36 Obama +22 Minnesota Big10 Battleground Obama 57, McCain 38 Obama +19 Wisconsin Big10 Battleground Obama 53, McCain 40 Obama +13 Iowa Big10 Battleground Obama 52, McCain 39 Obama +13 Indiana Big10 Battleground McCain 41, Obama 51 Obama +10 Illinois Big10 | Read More »


    Fun Fact

    In Ohio, you need to be a plumber for 5 years before you can get your “Masters license”, which allows you to own your own plumbing business. Obama, has been a Senator for 4 years (2 if you subtract the time he has spent campaigning). So, if Obama was a plumber, he wouldn’t even have the experience to own his own plumbing business. But don’t | Read More »

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    I tried to vote that McCain won the debate for 10 minutes and it would NOT go through. I changed the answer to “Neither” and it went through immediately. This is complete nonsense, I am so sick of the f*ing media.

    Obama Plagiarized McCain’s answer at Saddleback forum

    The Saddleback debate was an almost undisputed win for John McCain. Apparently even Barack Obama felt that way, as he took took a page from Joe Biden’s playbook and completely plagiarized one of John McCain’s answers. WARREN: Well, this one isn’t any easier. We’ve had a lot of leaders, because of their weaknesses, character flaws, stumble, become ineffective, are not even serving anymore, serving our | Read More »