Though I wish to preserve anonymity, here's a bit of general bio. PhD, Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison (the Berkeley of the Midwest). (I figure that there are now enough people running around with this degree that only professional sleuths will find this clue sufficient for learning my identity.) Currently Professor of Philosophy at Whatsamatta U (Bullwinkle's alma mater). Before 2008 I thought of myself as politically moderate--perhaps a bit to the right of center--and maintained a studied political apathy. It took the Obama administration to wake me from my apolitical slumbers. I have grown more conservative, active and vocal since the current ship of fools was christened and set sail.


    The National Anthem in Minor Key

    National Anthem in Minor Key This is hauntingly beautiful, I think. A colleague observed that it evokes a “sense of loss.” I agree.  This version should be sung at ball

    Snappy Answers to Five Common but Stupid Pro-Abortion Arguments

    Snappy Answers to Five Common but Stupid Pro-Abortion Arguments 1. “Don’t like abortion? Don’t have one!” “Don’t like slavery? Don’t keep slaves!” “Don’t like child molestation? Don’t molest children!” This

    Talking Turkey About Obamacare

    Those lovable lunks who brought us Obamacare and have another small favor to ask: As ye gather in thankfulness, encourage ye one another to sign up for Obamacare.  A

    ‘Crazy People’ and Obamacare

    The New York Times  reports that an ad campaign aimed at funneling Millennials into Obamacare appeals to imagined motherly advice:  “Son, you need to buy health insurance.”  Some of the