Conservative Immigration Reform is Right Next to Unicorns and Leprechauns

    Far too often, government has looked to excessively regulate immigration into this country. However, to date there has been no true “conservative” immigration plan. The “Leave Us Alone” principle many conservatives adopt towards government, and its role in governing, seem to be forgotten when discussing “conservative” immigration policy. Conservatives argue it is not the role of government to be involved in “X”. Whether is be | Read More »

    Open Letter to Sen. Specter (R/D – PA)

    Dear Senator Specter, WHY? Sincerely, Republican Hope

    eTax: Bankrupting Our Way Beyond the Digital Age!

    How about paying tax on that 99-cent music download? The new pair of shoes you just ordered online? What about a tax on viewing online streaming videos? That’s right – the effort to tax binary code is underway. For years, the internet has flourished as a free marketplace where the only extra cost a consumer pays for is shipping – unless you buy the product | Read More »

    Really DHS!?! Really!?!

    With just about every move by the Federal Government having the average American scratching their head, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has decided to begin their own series titled “REALLY!?!? with American for Tax Reform” modeled after the famous Saturday Night Live sketches. Every week, ATR will find the most mind-boggling move committed by the ever-growing, ever-taxing, ever-spending group of thinkers that roam | Read More »

    Obama’s “Green Jobs” mean another kind of “Green” for the Unions

    The recent push to “go green” by many industries in America was a theme that echoed throughout President Obama’s endless campaign rhetoric. However, what Obama didn’t tell his listeners was just exactly who America would be “partnering” up with to make this dream a reality. Let there be no doubt that the need to look to alternative energy is real, as well as making use | Read More »

    ATR to Congress: “I Told You So”

    A new blog series created at Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) called, “I Told You So” pokes fun at the outrageous policies being implemented at the federal and state level. These common sense posts draw very simple, but obvious conclusions on several policy issues. What’s great about this new series, it allows people to see the fact that ATR has notified members of | Read More »

    CPAC 2009: Worker Freedom Discussed…

    At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC this past week, conservatives young and old gathered to discuss strategy and show-off their latest innovations. I was asked to talk very very briefly about “card check” and the Employee Free Choice Act. Here’s the clip! Or click here to visit AWF’s YouTube page at

    An Open Letter to Gov. Jindal (Comments Welcome)

    Dear Gov. Jindal – What happened? Sincerely, Republican Hope PS – In all due respect, we love what you’re doing in New Orleans…but wow, that was unfortunate.

    Play “O-BINGO” with Obama Tonight!

    If you’re like me, you wish there was something to do while listening to the Obama-ganda tonight. Well now there is. From the people who brought you the Taxpayer Protection Pledge (which almost saved California from higher taxes), and the famous “Wednesday Meeting“, comes a new play-at-home game that is fun for the whole family. Americans for Tax Reform, providing wholesome family fun since 1984, | Read More »

    Big Labor’s Christmas Wish List (if you gave $600 million, you’d expect some darn nice gifts too)

    If you were good this Christmas, you might get candy or that new toy you wanted. For those who were a bit naughty, the presents might resemble lumps of coal or switches. But what do you get if you were very naughty…but…happened to give $600 million to the left? Well, Santas Pelosi and Reid will probably give you whatever you wanted. Oh, and I am | Read More »