White House Expedites Wind Farms; Stalls Drilling

    Interior Secretary Salazar has decided that America has serious energy needs – needs which must be addressed through an emergency effort to activate new sources quickly. Is this a sudden move to expedite offshore drilling – and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil? Not quite. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Tuesday said his department would propose regulatory changes to simplify and speed the leasing process | Read More »

    FreedomWorks Livestreams Election Results

    RedState’s Tabitha Hale is hosting a livestream of tonight’s election results, along with a number of other well-known bloggers. Watch it here, and you’ll hear from a number of great candidates and new Members of Congress. Word is that guests will include Marco Rubio, Mike Lee,  Joe Miller, John Raese, and lots of others.

    Harrah’s Pressures Staff to Vote for Reid

    Harry Reid is locked in a tight election contest with Sharron Angle, and his campaign is pulling out all the stops to improve his chances for re-election. According to National Review, that includes pressuring Harrah’s Casinos to dragoon their staff into voting for Reid: Executives at the casino giant Harrah’s pushed company employees to vote early in an all-out effort to help the Harry Reid | Read More »

    Report: Hinchey Assaults Reporter

    Congressman Maurice Hinchey is clearly stressed by polls showing his re-election campaign in serious trouble. How else to interpret his unhinged reaction when a reporter asked him about earmarks he secured which seem to have enriched him personally, Hinchey reportedly came unglued: After the shooters turned off their cameras and started to break down, Hinchey made a beeline for Kemble and got in his face, | Read More »

    The #1013Bomb

    The liberal majority in Congress is in meltdown. The New York Times reports that no Democrat seems safe any more. Raul Grijalva is endangered. John Dingell might be defeated. Even Barney Frank’s constituents are waking up. In New York, Hinchey, McCarthy, and Maffei are in trouble. Each day brings a new story of a longtime incumbent who’s suddenly facing the strongest challenge of his (or her) career. | Read More »

    Jerry Labriola Opposed the Health Control Law

    There’s something vaguely familiar about this commercial. It makes me feel like I’m watching a sporting event on TV, somehow. If you live in Connecticut’s 3rd Congressional district, Jerry Labriola could use your help. And if you live anywhere in America outside the district, he could certainly use a donation.

    Liberals Pointing Fingers Ahead of their Loss

    Before we dive into the frenzied attack some on the Left are mounting against the US Chamber of Commerce, let’s look at the record, shall we? While the Left is concerned today about the possibility of foreign money influencing elections, how vigilant have they been in the past? Let’s consider their scrutiny of some notable episodes in the past.

    The Obama-Reid-Pelosi Tax Increase

    Heritage Action for America has put together a cute video to raise awareness of the roughly $4 trillion tax increase coming on January 1. via Ace The Democratic leadership of the House and Senate cannot be allowed to think that the American people take them at their word, when they promise to cancel a part of this tax increase. The right time to address this | Read More »

    On the Left, the View of the Tea Party Gets a Little More Nuanced

    Who says the Left will never understand the Tea Party movement? Sure, they may have a long way to go, but they are making progress. Take for example, this new ‘documentary’ from… some liberal activist. You can watch the preview if you have a masochist streak, or you can just accept my word that it’s another hack job aimed at grassroots activists – one that | Read More »

    Remember When Democrats Wanted Majority Rule?

    House and Senate leaders have promised that there will be a vote – sometime this year – to block a portion of President Obama’s tax increase, which will otherwise go into effect on January 1. According to Congressional leaders, they will allow a tax increase of about $700 billion to go into effect on higher earners, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. This is despite the fact | Read More »