My speech to the local NAACP

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a candidate for the board of trustees at a local community college. This is the group that acts as the school board for the college. It approves all the major budget issues and the policy decisions of the college. The board has a 6 year staggered term and there are currently 3 seats coming up for the next election with | Read More »

    The election is over, it’s time to really get to work.

    Did you all have a great time at your election night parties? I did. You worked hard for your favorite candidate’s victory and you deserve a party and a rest. Take today off and recharge. Get completely away from politics and relax. Until tomorrow. Then it’s time to get back to work! After all, there ain’t no rest for the wicked (and THIS elephant won’t | Read More »

    How to be an effective Precinct Committeeman.

    Last night, MRiggio I attended a seminar given by our local county party entitled “How to be an effective Precinct Committeeman.” After hearing the stump speeches of some of our local candidates (good people, one and all), we heard from a man who has been a precinct committeeman in our county since the days of Goldwater. In fact, the way he described his entry into | Read More »

    Progressives hate people.

    Oh, they’ll give you the peace and love and “for their own good” talk, but really, they hate people. Sometimes overtly, sometimes not, they hate people. Not “the people” as a whole, they’re all for “the people”, but they hate individual people. You see individuals just don’t behave in a manner that is good for “the people”. Individuals don’t behave in a way that allows | Read More »

    RUN THE PARTY! – become a Precinct Committeeman

    Coldwarrior has been beating the drum for getting conservatives involved in politics and inside the Republican party making decisions instead of being outside complaining. If his arguments haven’t convinced you yet, maybe this one will. Precinct Committeemen get to pick the candidates! This week, mriggio and I will get together with the other Precinct Committeemen in District 3 at the public library in Washington, IL | Read More »

    Another Government Failure – but Not Really Unexpected

    US home sales dropped dramatically in May. They are down 2.2% from April, a fact which seems to have surprised the White House and the press, but which shouldn’t surprise anyone with even a slight understanding of market forces. How much grey matter does it really take to figure out that when there’s an $8000 (or $6500) incentive to buy before the end of April, | Read More »

    Everybody loves a parade!

    Part of getting involved in politics is supporting your local candidates. That means among other things you get to: 1. Attend fund raising dinners. Most candidates have a variety of fund raising dinners ranging in price from “OMG! How can anyone afford to pay THAT for a meal!” to “$20 spaghetti dinners” for the masses. These are important because candidates can’t do much without some | Read More »

    Rasmussen is showing Brady leading Quinn by 11 in IL-GOV

    The latest Rasmussen Reports survey of the Illinois Governor’s race is showing Republican Bill Brady with 47% support while the Democrat Quinn only gets 36%. That’s an 11 point lead! The report is also showing 8% preferring “some other candidate” (there is a Green and a Libertarian that I’m aware of) and 10% still undecided. This is wonderful news for those of us who want | Read More »

    Bill Brady’s newest campaign commercial

    Brady Campaign Commercial from Bill Brady on Vimeo. Now, anyone who’s seen any of my postings on the Illinois Governor’s race would know I’m a rabid Brady supporter. But this commercial doesn’t impress me. I’d like to know everyone else’s opinion or impressions of the commercial. Constructive criticism appreciated. I want to know what “message” you hear from Brady in this. Maybe it’s just me | Read More »

    Adam Andrzejewski nearly becomes Al Gore, steps back from the brink.

    The opening of Adam Andrzejewski’s endorsement of Bill Brady explains the title: I was a Bill Brady supporter during the primary election and am still a Bill Brady supporter. Adam Andrzejewski was my second choice. Both candidates were saying similar things, but Brady has a plan that can actually be implemented to fix this state (it has shades of Art Chance’s ideas in it). Adam’s | Read More »