The Big Bird Presidency

    President Barack Obama has fought more for Big Bird’s job in the last week than he has  fought for the jobs of 23 million unemployed Americans in the past three years. Political pundits have questioned the wisdom of Mitt Romney’s quip about Big Bird in stating he would like to cut federal funding for PBS. Democrats have reacted with glee, seizing on the statement as yet another | Read More »

    Obama AgitProp Group Attacks New Wisconsin News Source

    Media Matters for America posted a piece on Tuesday purporting to give voice to allegedly serious concerns on the part of some Wisconsin journalists over a new political news outlet that is set to launch soon. Charlie Sykes, a conservative talk show host on WTMJ radio in Milwaukee has announced that in the near future he will be launching Right Wisconsin, a full spectrum news | Read More »

    Wisconsin Sheriff Says He Won’t Stop Voter Fraud

    As polls show support for President Obama sagging in the battleground state of Wisconsin, the sheriff in one of the state’s most populous Democratic counties says he wants inmates to vote and his deputies to ignore the felon status some of them might have. Wisconsin state law prohibits felons from voting while they are serving jail time or on parole. Sheriff Dave Mahoney of Dane | Read More »

    Wisconsin Judge Guts Walker’s Reforms (Again), Defends Left’s Assured Outcomes Ideology

    Late Friday afternoon a liberal Dane County judge struck down key parts of Wisconsin’s collective bargaining reforms. The measure dealing with public sector unions has been at the heart of a protected political battle that started with large street demonstrations at the state capitol when the measure was introduced, and culminated early this summer with the overwhelming re-election of Governor Scott Walker in an historic | Read More »

    Class Warfare: The Opiate of the Masses

    By: Brian Sikma On Wednesday night, Americans were treated to a more substantive evening of the Democratic National Convention as keynote speakers rose to defend the policies of the last four years and attempted to convince listeners that they were indeed better off than they were four years ago. But instead of ticking off a list of economic indicators showing improvement, two main speakers, former | Read More »

    Walorski Talks up Indiana at RNC; Mullen Avoids DNC on Orders from Dem Leadership

    Jackie Walorski, the former state lawmaker who is seeking to recapture the 2nd Congressional District for Republicans, spoke at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday, becoming the only Hoosier to formally address the full convention this year. It has been up to another Midwest state, Wisconsin, to steal a lion’s share of the limelight as favorite sons Governor Scott Walker and Vice Presidential candidate Paul | Read More »

    John Mica and The Politics of Cronyism (Plus Luxury Trips to Italy)

    Today, in Florida’s 7th Congressional District a primary battle between Rep. John Mica (R) and Rep. Sandy Adams (R) is culminating as voters go to the polls to decide which incumbent will represent the newly redrawn district. Mica, the entrenched powerful chairman of the House Transportation Committee, left his current district and a few hundred thousands constituents to move into the newly redrawn district of | Read More »

    COMPROMISED INTEL: Secret Democratic Political Research Files for Twelve 2012 Match-Ups Found via Google

    It could be one of the biggest political intelligence coups of the 2012 battle to control Congress. Media Trackers, a conservative investigative watchdog group, discovered nearly three-dozen Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee opposition research notebooks – extensive secretive manuals outlining anything that could be used against a political opponent. Several news outlets have reported that some of the files have been quietly published on the DCCC’s | Read More »

    WHOOPS: DCCC Lets 35 of 75 Oppo Books Slip Through “Back Door”

    Promoted from diaries. Opposition research is the grist of stark contrasts, fine tuned messages, and yes, even negative campaign tactics. And usually it is a closely guarded secret. An opponent’s record matters in a race, and a good campaign will accumulate as much information as possible about an opponent and strategically time the release of that information to maximize their position and weaken their opponent. | Read More »

    Walorski Likeliest GOP House Pick-Up

    ELKHART, IN – Republican Congressional leaders are finding themselves trying to walk an increasingly fine line in setting expectations for November. Depending on the day’s headlines, GOP House leadership is alternately cautiously optimistic about expanding the Republican majority and simply maintaining control. Democrats have a “Drive to 25″ program just in case they are able capitalize off possible GOP missteps that could surrender momentum; apart | Read More »