Obama Nation: A Thanksgiving Prayer

Welfare State Reapers Plant Seeds of Socialism

This Thanksgiving, if the Obama Nation successfully invades the United States then, sitting at the dining room, thank God for letting us live during the final days of mankind’s finest experiment: a federal constitutional republic based upon free market capitalism. Unfortunately, the sons and daughters of the welfare state have come to plant the seeds of socialism. The ingredients: a flawed economy, political and civil unrest and military warfare.

The Seeds of the Welfare State were planted in Economic Opportunity and Food Stamp Acts of 1964 and the Social Security Security Act of 1965. Generation Xers, born between 1865 and 1981, became the first to expect the government to provide for the economic needs of citizens. The US faced political and civil unrest relating to the civil rights movement’s attempt to overcome Jim Crow legislation and discrimination. The 1960-1964 movement, symbolized by Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., resulted in the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The 1965-1968 movement was symbolized by Afro-American leaders collaborating with other movements–Black Power, Chicano, American Indian, Feminism and Gay Liberation–to harness greater political and financial support. This resulted in the 1968 Civil Rights Act and other anti-discrimination legislations. In exchange for acceptance, prominence and recognition, Afro-American churches and community leaders (Jesse Jackson/Jeremiah Wright) sold their souls for a place amongst the radical fringe in the Welfare State. Finally, the Vietnam War was alive and well. A unjustified war to the liberal that resulted in needless military spending and “innocent” lives lost. Sounds like 2008: a flawed economy, political and civil unrest and military warfare.

The liberal Democratic party has held captive this radical grouping since the 1960’s. At a loss of true political power, 90-95% of all Afro-Americans enroll under the banner of one-party. A shameful taboo to family and community to join any other political party. Sons and daughters raised to relinquish the conservative beliefs and values of their forefathers only to accept the radical beliefs and values of socialists, Marxists, communists and fringe radicals. It is no wonder that Obama is labeled by Oprah as the “ONE”. His color and character are acceptable amongst Afro-Americans that have struggled against race and against class to accomplish their end.

In the Obama Nation, it will be made easy to leave the federal constitutional republic and free market capitalism society behind. Black America has only experienced, at least in radical movement thinking: The “white” man has always held back the “black” man: “The US (wealthy) owes me something and we need someone that has “been through what we have been through”. In strife, imagined or experienced, it is easy to eliminate that which is useless in the hopes that it will be replaced with something of greater reward of use. Obama Nation seeks to replace the free republic with the shared state.

Why you should pray in Thanksgiving is easy to understand when you understand the history of the “worker”, the “poor”, the “overlooked” or the disenfranchised”. Revolution is not subtle. It is long suffering. Elite leaders of the revolution use the fears and concerns of the worker to mobilize masses, to harness the media and to threaten any unworthy protesters that question the character of the leader or the intentions of the movement. In the Origins of Totalitarianism (1951), Hannah Arendt’s argues that Nazi and Communist regimes were completely new forms of government, and not merely updated versions of the old tyrannies. According to Arendt, the source of the mass appeal of totalitarian regimes was their ideology which provided a comforting, single answer to the mysteries of the past, present, and future. For Nazism, all history is the history of racial struggle; and, for Marxism, all history is the history of class struggle. Once that premise was accepted by the public, all actions of the regime could be justified by appeal to the Law of History or Nature. For the Obama Nation, the leader and the Congress will do things to overcome “George Bush”–past, present and future. When you earnestly question his character or his political policies then, he will judge you a racist. When you question his numbers for accuracy, he will counter that you are protecting the bourgeoisie from the cleansing of class warfare. The worker that submits will be rewarded. Joe the Plumber will be persecuted as an example to those that will not submit to the power of the movement.

Politically correct citizens of the United States of America should grab the hands of their family members and friends at the dinner table on Thanksgiving. While holding hands, thank God for giving you the peace that you needed to not question the leader when the early warning signal was lit. While holding hands, thank God for giving you the wisdom to choose a leader that is resigned to murder a child that survives an abortion or offer venues of population control through community leaders at Planned Parenthood. Look into the eyes of your children and remind yourself that the charismatic leader and his Congress that you voted for will be responsible for instituting the most liberal socialist agenda in our history. Yes, the unflappable, cool angelic whisperer has raised taxes for the good of the state and by natural right, produced a universal health and welfare system for his citizenry. Thank you God for this food and making us a model country like Cuba.

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