The GOP’s Redheaded Stepchildren

    Every party has its wings–different sub-groups that are part of the larger organization. The Republican party has three wings that the Republican leadership believes is so dangerous to the future of the party, that they tried to suppress their influence in the last election, and pointed fingers at them as the reason for the GOP’s poor showing in the 2012 election cycle. The Tea Party | Read More »

    The Conservative Hand – Part 4

    The Conservative Hand – Part 3   Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Despite what the typical liberal would tell you, conservatives are not insane. Still, when asked what conservatives should do to take back the country from its current liberal domination you often hear conservatives recycling the same old ideas that haven’t worked in the past. Let’s | Read More »

    The Conservative Hand – Part 3

    The Conservative Hand – Part 2 I sit here after the Republican catastrophe of 2008 and wonder what went wrong. The Republican Party has gone through many changes since I became interested in politics in the late ‘60s. The Republican and the Democratic parties were not that far apart at the time. While most would have pointed to economics as the biggest difference between the | Read More »

    The Conservative Hand – Part 2

    The Conservative Hand – Part 1 It has been thrilling to be part of the Tea Party movement, and see power move away from the political elite and back to the grass-roots. The sleeping giant has awakened and slowed the liberal freight train, but slowing the train isn’t enough. We must reverse its direction and set it on a conservative track. To do that we | Read More »

    The Conservative Hand – Part 1

    The Tea Party movement doesn’t have a single leader or a central organization, and that’s the way the members of the movement like it. How though, can an unorganized movement get anything done? Economist Adam Smith addressed this same question. He recognized that the free market is made up of countless businesses all pursuing their own goals. With no central leadership or organization the free | Read More »

    The Hatch Rule

    The Hatch Rule: if a GOP politician without a conservative record starts cozying up to the tea party, you can be sure he’ll veer back left as soon as he is out of danger of losing his seat. Some lessons you just have to learn the hard way. Tigers don’t change their stripes, and RINOs don’t change their ways. We made a mistake believing this | Read More »

    Don’t Step in the “Kiss In” Trap Friday

    Same sex couples are staging a “kiss in” Friday at various Chick-Fil-A restaurants. If you think this is to demonstrate a widespread level of support for gay marriage, you’re wrong. The purpose is to bait someone on the right into doing something stupid. The left would like nothing more than to capture on camera someone: yelling at a gay couple assaulting (shoving, hitting, etc…) a | Read More »

    Chick-Fil-A as Bulletin Board Material

    Sports wisdom says you should refrain from trash-talking your opponent prior to a game, as it only creates bulletin board material which: gets your opponent mad as hell turns the opposing team into a unified group focused on one thing: kicking your butt causes you opponent to double down on their efforts to defeat you It’s hard to predict ahead of time what comments will | Read More »

    TSPLOST Alarm Bell for GOP

    SPLOST – special local option sales tax. SPLOST’s have been popular in Georgia. So popular that they have routinely passed with only token opposition. In the last decade, Georgia has become a hard-core Republican state. The entire machinery of the state government, as well as a significant part of local government, is in the hands of the GOP. This GOP machine put another SPLOST on | Read More »

    The Less Party

    There has been a bit of talk lately about what will happen if the GOP fails to curb the government after this election. The possibility (and problem) of a third party has been raised. One of the problems not being discussed is the name. The Tea Party The American Party These are good names. You feel good just to saying them, but they are also | Read More »