Claire McCaskill’s staff shows their profound concern for Missourians

Not really.

…by flipping them off, locking them out, and calling the police on them.

As Gateway Pundit reports, this past Friday a Tea Party protest outside Democrat Senator McCaskill’s offices in St. Louis was received by her staff with obscene gestures and a refusal to hear their concerns. The protesters were voicing their objections to socialized, government-controlled healthcare and the inevitable (and already-proposed) tax increases and related financial irresponsibility being proposed by the Democrats. Apparently the staffers felt “they were being threatened”.

Real threatening-looking crowd, eh?

Um, no. Police? Senator McCaskill, is that how you respond to your constituents’ concerns? By insulting them and chasing them away?

Last night Senator McCaskill twittered: “I moved my office from fed bldg to street front when I got elected to make it more user friendly, approachable.“.

More approachable. Right.

(Update: McCaskill attempts to explain her staff’s behavior.  Not a real apology, you’ll notice: “sorry you were offended” rather than “sorry my staff members were such idiots”.  Moe would have banned her for that pathetic attempt.)

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