As I live here in the Northern Virginia area I cannot help but realize that the local congressional race is a heated one, to say the least. But is it heated about the right issues? I have seen two debates between the two candidates. The Republican candidate is a guy named Keith Fimian who is a local business man who started the largest home inspection company from scratch, while the Democratic candidate is Gerry Connolly who has been on the Fairfax county board for 14 years, the last five of which he has served as county chairman.
While at one of the debates I was sitting there watching them bicker over such things as negative adds, a projected revenue shortfall for the county, and social issues but none of those were the issues that really surprised me. The issue that caught me off guard was Chairman Connolly trying to make the race so partisan. Gerry said that “we needed new leadership in Washington” yet the spot where he is running for is lead by Democrats. Fimian seems to stress the budget shorfall that Fairfax County is experiencing way to much. They can both point to these stances if either loose the election.
Fimian’s main negative is the fact that he is not the best at public speaking. He sometimes seems lost or confused while answering questions at the debates. But his biggest positive is that he is very social. He can charm a whole room by just talking to people before or after the debate. He can approach anyone and talk to them and know them in a single conversation.
Gerry’s biggest negative is simply the fact that poeple do not like him. He has doubled he property taxes here in northern VA in the four years he has been chairman. They now are almost at $5,000 a year in Fairfax County. In his election as chairman last year he only won with 44% of the vote, running again multiple other opponents. His biggest strength is his vast knowledge of the issues and his ability to speech about them very elequently, though at times he seems to be a bit hot headed. As the race develops with only 21 more days, I am interested to see where it will go from here. I am very involved in this race, and I am sure I will be writing more about it soon. This race, to me, shows how most races in America are during this election cycle.

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