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    Fox News/Rasmussen State Polls: McCain tied everywhere!

    Here for the detailsOH: 49-49 TiedFL: 50-49 McCainMO: 49-49 TiedNC: 50-49 McCainCO: 51-47 ObamaVA: 51-47 ObamaI think this is Fox and Rasmussen’s CYA poll. If he wins, they can say that undecideds broke for McCain and that Obama’s poll numbers were overestimated within the margin of error. Ha.

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    McCain’s path to victory?

    So, 48 hours from now, we should have a good idea of whether John McCain pulled off the impossible.So how does he do that?Let’s take a look at the “dire” RCP state averages.If we assume McCain wins the states he is leading in, that is 185 electoral votes. This means he captures “battlegrounds” AZ, MT, GA, IN, and MO.Further, let’s look at the close battlegrounds | Read More »

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    IBD/TIPP: Obama 47, McCain 45

    Most accurate pollster in 2004 says it’s a two point race.Obama 47, McCain 45Fear not, my friends.

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    Palin outstanding with Carl Cameron

    Where WAS this woman the past few weeks She needs to be doing this every day. On Fox, even going on to CNN and MSNBC and telling their people the truth.

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    A line that will live in infamy.

    Tie Congress around Obama’s Neck!

    Does anyone else think that McCain should be, essentially, putting up ads showing angry/scary photos/video of Pelosi and Reid and Frank and Rangel, and connecting them to Obama? Congress has a 10% approval rating. If McCain can effectively morph Congress and Obama together, he’ll give himself a chance.The question is – does anyone in the campaign read RedState?

    Reverend Wright

    When is this campaign going to get serious and start hitting Obama on Wright in tv ads?You know, McCain may lose regardless, but the people should be as informed about Obama as possible before they choose him.

    Palin just got destroyed on SNL

    Basically, it was a rehash of the Couric interview. Imagine the worst possible impression you could want Americans to have of Palin, and double it. That’s what it was.The only hope I can have is that people will be appalled by how over the top SNL is going.I feel like crying.

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    McCain needs to go to the debate

    I think missing the debate will give the media ammo that they don’t need. If McCain goes to the debate, he can try to work in economic policy and take the credit for getting the ball rolling on the bailout plan. Because of McCain’s bold move yesterday, more attention and pressure have been placed on Congress and the White House to “get it done.”That’s probably | Read More »


    Four things have me thinking we can win Pennsylvania this election.First, McCain is performing at least as well as Bush did in both Ohio and Pennsylvania.Second, the NRA ads are killer, and they’re airing in PA starting today.Third, Joe Biden’s gaffe today actually has real meaning, because it could cost him thousands of votes in Western PA: Biden says no to coalFourth, and most important, | Read More »