PBS NewsHour’s Disgraceful Practice — NOT honoring (some) of our fallen troops

    Several years ago I emailed a question to the PBS NewsHour nightly news program, perhaps to their ombudsman but not sure. I got no reply. My question pertained to the segment they had at the end of each nightly program when names had been released for deaths of U.S. troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, during which they showed (in silence) photos of troops who had | Read More »

    Perry needs a “total package” message

    Here’s the message I think Rick Perry should deliver — Immediately, and at every opportunity, in one form or another. It would take around 3  minutes to deliver, but he should have shorter versions memorized (and I mean memorized with complete reliability — so no long pauses, let alone “oopses”) and well-practiced for effective delivery. Different venues/formats and occasions would fit different length versions — | Read More »

    My Occupy Thanksgiving (Yes, Still Relevant)

    [The following is obviously dated. I wrote it a month ago while waiting to get a diary. The sentiment is still current, though, and I hope you enjoy.] The following is my report, “How I spent my Occupy Thanksgiving.” Lacking a turkey myself, I crashed the Thanksgiving celebration of another family. I let myself in the home and took the liberty of taking a seat | Read More »