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    How Minorities Rule America

    One of the successful strategies of the Left has been to build up a loud super-minority in places that the GOP has given up on…like California. The Left Coast has become a nasty brew pot of some of the most liberal flakes on the planet…and they will tell you that democracy is the best government…power to the people, right? But when they bring an obvious | Read More »

    Mars & Venus at the Ballot Box

    It occurs to me that the polarization of America’s two-party system reminds me of the well-established ‘Mars & Venus’ series by John Gray.  If you have not read these, or if it has been a while, I think they are still quite good at helping couples understand that men and women are different…biologically, psychologically, and often philosophically…especially when it comes to needs and wants. Assuming that | Read More »

    Don’t Forget The Milk

    How many times it happens now!  As I get older, I more often find myself exclaiming with aggravation that I’ve just come from the store and forgotten a necessary item.  I must remember to write down my shopping list so that I don’t forget the important things. You may have experienced this too.  Seems that as we get older, our brains get full…like a hard | Read More »

    Obama made his bed

    The President seems surprised that the debt limit budget battle is even an issue. What had become routine practice (extending ever more credit to cover overspending, creeping big government) is suddenly a stalemate.  It could have been anything really…the debt limit provides a good enough vehicle for shellactivists to remind Washington that the populace at large is very, very unhappy. Did he think that ‘spiking | Read More »

    La Raza and Black Liberation Theology: cut from the same Reparationist cloth

    Anti-white sentiment is getting a boost. La Raza (The Race) a Hispanic hate group, showed their ass last week at a Tuscon school board meeting when discussion about the curriculum of Ethnic Studies was scheduled.  It seems that tone of the textbook used for this class are anti-American, anti-capitalism, and anti-gringo.  This has happened because theology has crept into the school system under the banner of | Read More »

    Conservatives are not prepared for Liberal evangelism…

    Folks on the Conservative side of American politics typically reserve a corner of their hearts, if not all of it, for love of God (clinging bitterly to country and guns and Bible) and we are not prepared for the new humanist evangelicals emerging from the Left. You see, we’ve been reviled so long as Bible-thumping hick creationists, that we weren’t expecting Libs to come at | Read More »

    Look Over There: Old Spicey UK obsessed with US Black Power

    I’m following up to my diary entry from yesterday.  It seems a few more news outlets are having a look at the north Atlanta cities being targeted for being ‘too white.’  I again wonder how the media would respond to a black community being attacked in this way for its racial makeup.  Whether by design or choice, people tend to hang around people like themselves. | Read More »

    Government Busting – Liberal Style

    A sure sign of just how close to anarchy we’ve come is this new notion that ‘democracy’ or majority rule should be a sure way to know the will of the people.  Whoever shouts loudest, longest, hardest wins the day. The Founding Fathers knew how dangerous mob mentality can be; they’d seen in.  And so when they set out to devise government, they came up | Read More »