Kevin Lundberg For Colorado 2nd C.D.

 I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Colorado State Senator Kevin Lundberg (R) last night at a meeting in Bailey CO. (Park County). He was very impressive and is a true conservative who shares the values of the overwhelming majority of this country and he deserves your support. He will bring fiscal responsibility to D.C. while his opponent, Rep. Jared Polis (D) will bring America to its knees in a fiscal collapse.

Senator Lundberg has been castigated my our local media because he is a Christian conservative Tea Party supporter and they claim he is out of touch with Colorado values, while his opponent Rep. Jared Polis is supposedly mainstream being that he is openly homosexual and recently announced the birth of his newborn baby boy with his partner (don’t ask me for the details, I haven’t a clue) – that along with his rubber stamp for President Obama and their socialist policies and infringements on religious freedom & liberty; I’m sorry but that is far from mainstream and that does not represent the values of Colorado or the 2nd CD.

Please do whatever you can to help State Senator Kevin Lundberg win this election and help get our country moving in the right direction. http://lundberg2012.com/

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