Condolences to David Cameron and his Family

    David Cameron’s young son, Ivan, has died.  Parents should never have to bury their children.  Especially a child as young as Ivan. I commend the Cameron family for seeing the value in Ivan’s life and for raising him as their “beautiful boy” despite the difficulties they faced with his illness.  If only all would value the life of an innocant child as much.   You | Read More »

    The Family BBQ Just Went South

    Kat-Mo over at Ace of Spades sums this whole “Sarah Palin, the backwater rube, screwed us all” nonsense. Go read it. All of it. And then laugh at the sheer truth of it all. WARNING-Language alert. Just to tease you- “…In the first episode at the family BBQ, everybody had just shown up and were standing around until Cousin Sarah appeared. In today’s episode, we | Read More »

    Is Barack a Modern Day Jacob?

    Needing something to read this week as I did my daily running of children all over the German countryside, I picked up Paul Powell’s Feet of Clay. I had read this book several years ago as part of a small group study. In the book, Powell takes a look at 13 emotions that make us stumble. He uses examples of biblical people to make his | Read More »

    Duty is Ours, Outcomes Belong to God

    I cribbed my title and my tag line from Mike Pence. He used this line in a letter to his colleagues that he posted on Human Events on 9-28-08. It was an eloquent letter explaining why he was not going to saddle our children with our mistakes. You can read it in its entirety here- This diary really isn’t about Mike Pence though. It | Read More »

    This Is Why I Cry and Pray Every Night

    Why, oh why, haven’t they been more forceful? It just boggles my mind and rips at my gut all day every day. And, it is what will drive me to full blown Obama Derangement Syndrome should the unthinkable happen in 14 days. Mark Salter has given a candid and forceful interview to Jeff Goldberg of The Atlantic. He touchs on all the points we so | Read More »

    Take this Plumber Joe video viral!

    Alright guys. Now we seem to be back on the right track. No more Eeyores. Got it? Alahpundit over at Hot Air has a Video of Joe the Plumber at an impromptu press conference outside his house. Go watch it and then send it viral. We couldn’t pay for a better advertisement. The media is going to do their damnedest to discredit this man. Don’t | Read More »

    Our Country Deserves Better

    Starting tomorrow morning, the Our Country Deserves Better PAC will begin its Stop Obama National Tour. They will make their way across this great country of ours holding 2-3 rallies a day in critical battleground states. If you are on their route, go out and join them to show your support for McCain/Palin and America. If you have a little cash, I’m sure they appreciate | Read More »

    Senator Jon Cornyn Seeks Federal Criminal Probe of ACORN

    Via my favorite ACE OF SPADES, we have this latest news. Given these allegations, as well as the well-documented fraud convictions in recent years of ACORN employees, I urge you to launch a nationwide criminal probe into ACORN’s voter registration activities. As you know, federal law prohibits an individual from (1) providing fraudulent voter registration information; (2) conspiring to encourage false registration or illegal voting; | Read More »

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    Bocephus Sings for McCain/Palin

    Ya’ll know I’m a southern girl by birth, so I’m a sucker for Hank. I spent many college nights with a beer in hand dancing to the original version of this song. Go on over to give it a peek. I think Hank needs to record this and it needs to play with John Rich’s song at every rally McCain, Sarah, or Todd hold for | Read More »

    A PUMA Rant Worth Reading

    I will confess that being on RS depresses me these days as does Malkin. It seems like we are losing our fire in the belly and are quick to b*tch about Johnny Mac for the heck of it. Well, I want to win and I sure wish we could get that fire back. I read NoQuarter daily to gauge the PUMAs. Honestly, they have more | Read More »