How the GOP cave will help end ObamaCare

    Look, the GOP is going to cave and pass a clean CR and a debt ceiling hike.  You know it, I know it.  Obama has shown his willingness to make regular Americans suffer, via his antics with national parks, suspending clinical trials at the NIH, and the Pentagon cutting off payments to the families of fallen soldiers, because he knows the media is never going | Read More »

    Please withdraw, Mr. Akin

    40 minutes to go.  Might as well make my own flailing cry in the dark. Withdraw from the race, Mr. Akin. Please. For the good of your country, please withdraw. We’ll forgive you if you just get the hell out. I don’t want my little girl to grow up having to live under ObamaCare. I don’t want my soon-to-be-born son to live in a world | Read More »

    The liberals are choosing our candidate for us, and we are helping them do it.

    I never did put much stock into the claims that the liberal media force McCain on us.  We had our own primaries and voters chose him, I figured.  And the Democrats were busy with their own primaries, which went on much longer than ours.  So I’ve never really bought into the idea that anyone could choose our candidate but us. But that was before I | Read More »

    Music To Vote By

    Today we head to the polling booths to make history, and to show the Democrats in power that they cannot ignore the will of the American electorate without suffering the consequences.  I’ve been waiting for this day ever since March, when ObamaCare was passed, and I’m looking forward to finally meting out some punishment. If you haven’t already voted early, then today’s the day — | Read More »

    Why we need to stop talking about Ayers

    Let me preface this post by noting that yes, I do believe Obama’s ties to Ayers are important. And yes, I think the relationship demonstrates, at best, poor judgement on Obama’s part, and more likely is a giveaway of his far-left worldview and policies. That said, talking about Ayers is not going to help McCain win the election. In fact, it is likely to backfire. | Read More »

    Double post

    Sorry, folks. Don’t know how this happened, but I can’t delete it.

    Blast from the past

    Edwards Suspends Campaign He does it because his wife has a recurrence of cancer in some degree to be further explored. It is of a piece with his character to do this; and a simple testament that he has the right priorities and values to be a president of the United States. Sorry, Ms Coulter. But this man will be remembered for a character you | Read More »