Obama: Death by Taxation

    Cities, chambers of commerce, and officials in state and local governments know that tax incentives drive economic development. It is one of their chief tools in luring business to their areas. There are extreme examples of this principle in places like Wilmington, DE, and Liechtenstein, where every nearby company wants to have a legal presence, and more mundane examples in nearly every major city in | Read More »

    Social Welfare and the Republican Party

    The disparate media attention due to the recent (current as of this writing) overseas trip by Barack Obama, along with recent polling data, has highlighted a potentially major weakness in the McCain campaign. Our opponent excites people above, beyond, and outside the scope of logical reasoning. He enamors, hypnotizes, and woos them. He has clear strengths in terms of charisma and presence. The July 21 | Read More »

    Social Welfare and the Republican Party

    The foundations of modern conservatism can be faithfully traced to the same religious doctrine from which the founding ideals of America took root. Yet, the Republican party is largely perceived as being hostile to social welfare in general, presumably out of the belief that its practice necessarily leads to income redistribution. But as the increasingly common fate of lottery winners has often shown, the link | Read More »