Let’s not forget about the parts of SB 1070 that already went into effect.

    There’s a lot of talk today about the Supreme Court ruling, and I’ve seen some good analysis here. However, there are many provisions in SB 1070 that went into effect two years ago that should not be ignored, and, hopefully, are being picked up in other states. Only 4 parts of the law were enjoined. The rest was left standing, and because it DID have | Read More »

    Are you a Technical Expert?

    If you have expertise in website development, social media or database management, your Republican Party County Central Committee needs you! Take a look at your County’s Central Committee website – does it suck? They need you. How’s your County’s Facebook page – nonexistent, ugly, unmoderated, out of date? They need you. Twitter Feed – nonexistent, languishing? They need you. Volunteer or Newsletter Sign-ups Online? NO? | Read More »

    The Woman in The Arena

    Last Saturday, my older daughter received her commission as a 2nd LT into the United States Marine Corps, surrounded by friends, family and fellow marines. A friend of mine from high school wrote a lovely piece about it on Sunday. During her ceremony, my daughter recited a passage which she had called as a cadence during her platoon’s march to the chow hall at Officer Candidate | Read More »

    Every dollar counts as we head down the final stretch

    Talking to the local GOP GOTV reps today, I learned that campaigns will still be able to process and use donations between now and election day. Since so many donations now come in via the candidate’s website and can be transferred to the campaign’s bank account immediately, funds can change the campaign’s tactics overnight. With so many newcomers in the GOP field, name recognition might | Read More »

    If it’s going to be hand-to-hand combat, let’s go prepared.

    According to the LA Times, Obama said that “A Republican majority in Congress would mean ‘hand-to-hand combat’ on Capitol Hill for the next two years.” I say – bring it on!  Election Day is coming right up and that gives us a great chance to send tested warriors. I’ve gone through the list of House seats that are still in play according to RCP and | Read More »

    Voter shift in California??

    There’s a new poll out by Pajamas Media that shows a dead heat between Fiorina and Boxer and between Whitman and Brown. That’s good news, but not really the interesting part. They go on to say: In a surprise result, party affiliation reported by respondents showed a 3% majority for the GOP; these results were adjusted to match the usual proportion of a 7% Democrat | Read More »

    There’s the leak, and then there’s the spill.

    In my mind, these are two very different things. With the leak, which began with the explosion and was followed by the ensuing leak of millions of gallons of crude oil, we can ask many questions… Why did it happen? How can we keep it from happening again? How can we fix it now? What the beegeezers were we doing drilling so far out and | Read More »


    Don’t wait for lame duck Arlen to re-find his Republican roots.

    I had a little hope when I read the Daily Caller today. As for Specter, he’s now a wild card in the Senate, free to vote as he wants. He spent most of his career in the Senate as a Republican, and is notoriously pugnacious. But it wasn’t even a full day before my hopes were dashed while happening across this discussion on the Financial | Read More »


    A mom, a double E and a witch walk into a bar…

    So, my husband and I, while waiting for our dinner table in Northern California, decided to have a drink at the bar. A gentleman sat down next to us and started up a conversation. He asked me what I did for a living, and I let him know that after spending nearly 20 years in Silicon Valley, I had decided to take time off to | Read More »

    Birfers, you’re being played.

    I must admit that there was a time when I thought that Obama might have been born overseas, and that perhaps he was trying to hide that fact from the American people. If not, then why the secrecy about his birth certificate? And, why was all of the money spent on lawyers trying to find a way around the citizenship requirement? (Or so I’d heard) | Read More »