A New War on Poverty

    A New War on Poverty             It has been 40 years since President Lyndon B. Johnson declared his well-intentioned, but poorly planned, war on poverty. Like so often happens, this far left administration fell back on traditional wealth-redistribution schemes, subsidizing economic inactivity and consumption while taxing work and productivity to pay for it. And, as Representative Jack Kemp, the hero of Reform Conservatism, so aptly | Read More »

    An Open Letter To Gov. Romney

    Dear Governor Romney,   First off, I am a supporter of yours. I was not behind you for most of the primaries, but after the consequential Illinois primary, being a good little soldier, I rallied to the cause. I have examined your record, and, once taken into account your political surroundings in Massachusetts, I have come to the conclusion that it is fairly Conservative, thus | Read More »

    In Defense of Mitt

    My fellow Conservatives, the time has come. Barring a supernatural occurence, Mitt Romney is going to be the Republican nominee, our standard bearer to face the failed President, Barack Obama, in the fall. The time has come to rally behind him, if we want to, as Reagan put it, “make America great again”. Because, in the general election, only one candidate has promised to repeal | Read More »

    What Conservatives Really Believe

    The left enjoys calling out Conservatives as “racists” or “philistines” who supposedly “don’t care about the plight of the poor and working men and women of America”, all the while disregarding the truth about what Conservatives really believe. The left has won the battle over public opinion simply by demonizing the values of the hardworking men and women of which America is mad of, convincing | Read More »

    An Agressive Conservative Agenda

    We Conservatives recognize the need to remove the radical-in-chief Obama as soon as possible. We must replace him with a Conservative who can push our values and our agenda as President, so that we can restore our Liberty, our Security, and our Prosperity. But to be effective, this agenda cannot just be sound bites and campaign applause lines. It must be clearly articulated and described | Read More »

    Analyzing the Ames Results

    Today, as the beginning of the real race for the nomination began, we need to look at the results of the Ames straw poll and decide what they actually mean in the context of the whole nomination battle. Just a note; I am a huge Rick Perry supporter, so some of this may come off as biased at times. So lets look at what the | Read More »

    President Rick Perry (2013-2021)

    I have been waiting months for this day. Today, the next president of the United States entered the fray, Texas Governor Rick Perry. He is one of only two candidates actually running on the idea of Conservatism, and he is the only one with executive experience. He, unlike our Radical-In-Chief, Pres. BO, is an alpha male who will once again remind the world that they | Read More »

    The Real Way to fix Entitlements

    With all the back and forth on the budget, there has been much talk over the entitlement spending. Conservatives have recognized that to save these programs which liberals hold so dear, we must cut the spending and reform the programs. But, in my personal opinion, none of the plans went far enough. Far too many people live off of legal plunder and other peoples money, | Read More »

    Time for Perry

    In the run up to the 2012 nomination, real Conservatives in our party must choose who we will confer our support to. Many Conservatives look at the so called “wide open” field, and see a space that needs to be filled. They look at the candidates and nothing excites them. They see the front-runner as a RINO north-eastern republican, who wasn’t, isn’t and will never be | Read More »

    Will the true Conservative please step forward?

    The potential 2012 candidates have been going back and forth over who is a true Conservative. As I find this maddening, I thought it was time to discern who is a true Conservative and who is not.   1.       Mitt Romney-Mitt Romney can talk a good game, that is clear. But his record is one that proves he never considered himself a conservative, but rather | Read More »