To torture, or not to torture? That is the question. Well first of all, can you even call waterboarding or caterpillar torture, torture? No, no you can’t. People all over the world pay money to have their heads dunked in water at amusement parks. Or they dunk their heads in water for an apple at parties. All we did to the TERRORIST (key word) is dunk their head in the water for 20 seconds and then they were done, with a doctor right there too. The fact that some ACLU panel says waterboarding is torture is insane.

After Conservatives make that argument the liberals come up with some crap argument about WWII era Japan torture techniques. We did prosecute the Japanese for waterboarding, but the type of “waterboarding” they practiced was just a tad different. For example, they would fill a US soldier’s stomach with water. Then slam their stomach to make them regurgitate it. That’s different then dunking someone’s head in the water for 20 seconds. And these weren’t any terrorists; these were the very top few super bad guy terrorists, like the architects of 9/11 TERRORISTS. In the middle of the debate, Obama releases memos showing that we tortured them, but not the memos showing what we reaped from the beneficial interrogation sessions. According to multiple CIA directors and a former VP, what we reaped from waterboarding saved American lives and prevented the possibility of a West Coast attack. So, I ask the liberals of the world, what if your kid, spouse, parent, best friend, or relative was on the West Coast that day. What is there was even another attack and you were there. If you still wouldn’t want waterboarding to save your or your loved one’s life then please go get an intervention.

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