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    Battling Gun Control: GOP Legislation Would Diminish DOJ’s Ability To Impose Gun Control Measures

    Brandishing the power of the purse, Republicans are attempting to block the Obama administration’s gun control regulations. The legislation to fund the Department of Justice is a plentiful source of GOP-backed language with the purpose of thwarting the Obama administration’s anti-gun regulations. The Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill, which recently sailed through the House, contains several provisions targeting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) | Read More »

    Overwhelmed Feds: Sharp Increase In Terror Arrests & Investigations – Across The Country and Online

    According to a recently released report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), 40 people residing in the U.S. have been arrested on terrorism charges, so far in 2015. This represents a sharp increase as compared to the two years prior. In 2014 26 were arrested and in 2013 the number arrested was 22. These figures, however, don’t include the estimated number of those who have traveled | Read More »

    DHS Internet Kill Switch: No Checks & Balances or Court Oversight and FOIA Requests Denied

    A kill switch refers to the government’s authority to disconnect wireless networks — both private and commercial. It involves both cell phones and the Internet and takes place in the event of an emergency. Many questions surround the government’s use of the kill switch, but last week a federal appeals court ruled the US does not have to disclose its secret strategy, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 303, | Read More »

    Urban, Rural & Suburban — Who ISIS Has Been Recruiting In The U.S. & How

    At 5:37 p.m. on Friday, May 1, a Twitter user sent a tweet to the Garland Police Department’s official Twitter account, alerting the agency to a potential ISIS attack in Texas. The Twitter user, who is affiliated with Anonymous hacktivists, sent the tweet on behalf of #OpISIS, an operation which counters ISIS activity online. The threat originated in the account of @AnsarAlUmmah49, but the tweet | Read More »

    The Pros & Cons of the DOJ’s Pilot Program Awarding Body Cameras To Police Agencies

    On Friday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced the launch of a $20 million pilot program which will award body cameras to police agencies across the country. The program signals an attempt to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Lynch’s press release follows the turmoil in Baltimore sparked by the death of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody. Prior to | Read More »

    The Armenian Genocide In Photos

    Via The Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute: “What is the Armenian Genocide? The extermination of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and the surrounding regions during 1915-1923 is called the Armenian Genocide. Those massacres were masterminded and perpetrated by the government of Young Turks and were later finalized by the Kemalist government. The First World War gave the Young Turks the opportunity to settle accounts with Armenians living | Read More »

    Pro-ISIS Group Posts List of Names & Addresses of Americans – Apparently Targeted for Attacks

    Last year, in September, ISIS called for random attacks against individuals in the U.S. The terrorist group’s spokesman specifically called for lone-wolf attacks and provided instructions on how to attack the Westerners: “Rig the roads with explosives for them. Attack their bases. Raid their homes. Cut off their heads. Do not let them feel secure. Hunt them wherever they may be. Turn their worldly life | Read More »

    CISA: New “Cybersecurity” Bill Is About Surveillance, Not Security

    (R-NC) is trumpeting a major Senate cyber bill that he claims is better at protecting privacy. Burr, who is chairman the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, hails this bipartisan measure which was recently approved by his panel, as taking the first step in cracking down on the theft of personal data and intellectual property. Elaborating, he goes on to insist that the bill would create “a cybersecurity | Read More »

    Easter In Yemen

    In the Middle East & parts of Africa, with the regional violence that has become a fixture, there is a growing sense that unless something significant changes, Christians will continue to be slaughtered or driven out of their homelands and ultimately out of the region that was the birthplace of Christianity. On account of the escalating conflict in Yemen and Easter’s rapid approach, it is worth | Read More »

    AWOL Government? ISIS Recruiting Online At Faster Rate Than Are Being Killed On The Ground

    ISIS has been using Twitter for years. Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups are all on Twitter. U.S. (R-TX), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade and member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee is deeply concerned about terrorists’ online presence. On January 27, Poe’s subcommittee held a hearing on terrorists’ use of social media, during which experts | Read More »

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