The upside of death panels

    Death panels will create battalions of disappointed supplicants with nothing left to lose:  Issue scooter-mounted recoilless rifles and point in the right direction. If the president is willing to be

    Another Folly of Federal Tort Reform

    You will have to read to the end to get to why this is pertinent to the folly of federal tort reform. The bookend cases of Swift v. Tyson (1842)

    Federal Tort Reform II

    In a thread about tort reform, I started off a comment to Mr Devine with what I thought was an innocuous preamble:  ”I am not being a wiseguy but please

    Dingell and the KKK

    Of the town hall protesters, John Dingell said: “Well, the last time I had to confront something like this was when I voted for the civil rights bill and my

    New Health Care Vocabulary

    Further Health Care vocabulary adjustments: Terror Groups: Left-wing Advance Care Planning Squads Murder: Unauthorized Advance Care Planning Defense To Murder: Advance Care Planning Fascist signs: Advance Care Planning To America

    Anthropogenic Plate Shifting

    An issue generally ignored by the MSM and the US Congress is anthropogenic plate shifting. All agree that the ideal state of the Earth is found in the Pangaea land

    Federal tort reform

    To those who habitually cite the 10th Amendment to complain about federal forays into state matters, make up your minds.  You whine about federal intrusions but beg for the more

    Dudial Rights

    Since no one else has undertaken comment on Sarah Palin’s resignation, I guess it’s up to me. As much as I could, I tried to put myself in the shoes

    Rights of state citizenship

    In “Federal building codes Part III,” an allusion was made to the problem of a federal and state armed robbery statute applicable to one set of facts. The federal Hobbs

    Federal building codes Part III

    The cap and tax’s building code is a direct assault on the state’s “exclusive” power over real estate and property law.  First, a little background. By today’s standards, one can