An immigrant from the eastern European country of Romania, Paul arrived in the United States at the age of 8, in 1989, with his parents and three siblings. He studied psychology at Georgia Perimeter College and Automotive Technology at Gwinnett Techinical College from '00 to '04. He received a writing diploma from Long Ridge Writer's Group in 2011. His goals is to publish his first book and make a living doing what he loves, writing.


    Mr. Burton is an Idiot

      MR.BURTON, a cheap,scheming, capitalist-hating, penny-pinching customer I had the displeasure of having to suffer yesterday, thinks democracy and capitalism are separable. He referred to capitalism as a “dog eat dog” system. He said it was very much “Darwinian.” Professionally, Mr. Burton is not stupid. He is a software engineer. While lounging in our waiting room, he was reading a book on diet and exercise, | Read More »

    The Case for American Exceptionalism

      The trendy thing is to perceive the notion of American Exceptionalism as narrow-minded, politically incorrect, and/or just plain uncool. It’s not that self-deprecation, humbleness, or anything of that sort is in. God no. It’s just that anti-AE is the type of liberal dogma that has been  perpetuated, thanks to everyone from flower-smelling liberal professors, to our very own mom jean-wearing, never-had-a-real-job-community-organizer President. Apparently, it’s | Read More »

    The Free Myth

    The concept of “free” is a disease which perpetuates economic misunderstanding and undermines personal responsibility.

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    Reasoning Like Slaves

        It is a well-documented fact that many of the Founding Fathers were slave owners, particularly George Washington and the main author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. For the most part that is all we know of the relationship between those two and their slaves. The tools who tout these facts repeatedly have little to gain by going into the relationship between | Read More »

    Another Flawed Liberal Assumption

        A recent acquaintance of mine was shocked to hear I was a Republican. “But you’re poor!” she incredulously exclaimed. At first I thought of trying to clarify my stance. I am a conservative, I wanted to tell her. But the context didn’t  allow for elaboration. I used to think I was a Libertarian. But then I attended several Libertarian meetings. I don’t  see | Read More »

    The Weakling

        The weakling is a victim. He cries a lot and blames others for his misfortune. Inversely, you will notice that the weakling rarely accepts responsibility for his troubles but is quick to brag on himself should there be something rosey he has done and not enough people have lathered him with praise for it. Speaking of, the weakling feeds on the praise of | Read More »

    Real-Life Democrat Excuses Obamacare with Bush Iraq War

          As Americans, we are  to have faith in the “common man.”William Buckley said , “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.” President Truman, much perceived as one of the commonest big-stage presidents, always touted his faith in the people. (His faith paid off. He beat Dewey in a reelection | Read More »

    “The People”: Two Favorite Statist Words

      Stossel did an episode called “What’s Up with Detroit?” not too long ago. At one point he brought up the opportunities Detroit had to bring in income by selling, for example, Belle Island, or some of the numerous expensive paintings in Detroit’s museum. Belle Island alone would bring in 2 billion dollars. What I found odd- along with the host- was the uniform response | Read More »

    Liberal Ideology: A Societal Disease

      There are three main reasons I could never support the Democratic party. For some of you this may be a no-brainer and three may seem like the tip of the iceberg, but the Democrat ideals are not without their virtues. For example, there’s the environmental focus, which I think is completely sensible (why in the world would you not want to preserve and take | Read More »

    The Right Kind of Discrimination

      The latest decision by the Supreme Court to strike down section 5 of the Voting Rights Act has made a big splash in the turbulent political waters of this vast United States. The ruling’s main goal is one of racist motivation, critics say. Big surprise. If conservative-friendly measures aren’t of a greedy nature, you can always bet they are of a racist one. Critics, | Read More »