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    Ten Candidates to Zero: GOP Debate

    Ten Candidates to Zero: GOP Debate

      Someone must have told Kasich he was running for president and had no shot because he came out gunning. Unfortunately for him, it only enraged the bull to charge, inspiring one of Trump’s rare and good off-the-cuff responses that did not include the words China, Mexico, Japan, our politicians are dumb, or killing us. Kasich’s other problem is that Jim Webb may be more | Read More »

    John Wayne Out, Bruce Jenner In

    Essentially, the problem with the masculine man is that he is in the way. Everything he thinks is unfit. A new order is encroaching and the old ideas and ways must be done away with.

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    Denmark: That’s Not Who We Are

    We don’t take our cues from other countries because no one has done what we’ve done. The Patriots don’t ask the Raiders for tips on how to win football games.

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    Democratic “Debate”: A Party of Crazy Old People

    “Democrats are bonkers; they treat the deficit like a myth and talk about climate change as if they live on a melting glacier.”

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    Gun-Free Zones Like The Walking Dead

    “Will the Muslim extremist hiding out in this country, waiting for his opportunity, throw his firearms away when more gun-control is enacted? Will the thugs in crime-infested Detroit, Chicago , or Baltimore put theirs away when the fuehrer signs the next bill? Did the shooters in Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Umpqua Community College obey the gun-free zone signs?”

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    Abortion: the Issue that Determines the Rest

    “From Genesis to Revelation, God makes it clear that fewer issues are more important to Him than justice for the poor and defenseless. Who is more dependent that a beating heart inside the mother’s womb?”

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    American Naiveté Will End US

      Growing up an immigrant kid from Eastern Europe, I overheard a lot of talk by the old men about American naiveté. They would lament about how willing it seemed the Americans and Brits were to believe Ceausescu’s empty declarations and promises. Books by the defector Ion Pacepa depict how Ceausescu laughed at “gullible” Americans. He played the West for financial benefits while plotting with | Read More »

    Why Women’s Issues Don’t Matter

    The national deficit is approaching $19 trillion; ISIS is growing stronger; the lunatics running Iran are getting closer to attaining a nuclear bomb; our borders are swiss cheese; the Russians and the Chinese are becoming increasingly aggressive; private sector businesses have been on the decline for years; and the social foundation of this country is being dug up. How do you feel sexism stacks up against those issues?

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    No Reason for Gun Advocate Groups

      I receive daily updates from a conglomerate of gun advocate organizations and clubs. I quickly learned that gun clubs, like other political and semi-political groups, thrive on sensationalism—there’s never a shortage of crises. Bloomberg works tirelessly through the night concocting plans to register firearms, Congress talks about nothing but banning “assault weapons,” and the U.N. meets monthly to talk about ways to impose a | Read More »

    The Evangelical Tactics of Ann Coulter

    “Phillips organized a night out, and Coulter told his gay friends she knew they really didn’t want to get married–she knew they were more interested in promiscuous sex than in traditional family structures … By the end of the dinner, they agreed with her.”

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