An immigrant from the eastern European country of Romania, Paul arrived in the United States at the age of 8, in 1989, with his parents and three siblings. He studied psychology at Georgia Perimeter College and Automotive Technology at Gwinnett Techinical College from '00 to '04. He received a writing diploma from Long Ridge Writer's Group in 2011. His goals is to publish his first book and make a living doing what he loves, writing.


    The Free Myth

    The concept of “free” is a disease which perpetuates economic misunderstanding and undermines personal responsibility.

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    Real-Life Democrat Excuses Obamacare with Bush Iraq War

          As Americans, we are  to have faith in the “common man.”William Buckley said , “I would rather be governed by the first 2000 people in the Manhattan phone book than the entire faculty of Harvard.” President Truman, much perceived as one of the commonest big-stage presidents, always touted his faith in the people. (His faith paid off. He beat Dewey in a reelection | Read More »

    “The People”: Two Favorite Statist Words

      Stossel did an episode called “What’s Up with Detroit?” not too long ago. At one point he brought up the opportunities Detroit had to bring in income by selling, for example, Belle Island, or some of the numerous expensive paintings in Detroit’s museum. Belle Island alone would bring in 2 billion dollars. What I found odd- along with the host- was the uniform response | Read More »

    Partisanship: The Tool for Dismantling Liberties

      Take into consideration the revelations of the last few months and ask yourself: How crazy do Alex Jones, David Icke and G. Edward Griffin seem now? Major media titans have been telling us individuals like the Pauls  are paranoid drama queens for saying the government and its many overreaching tentacles are playing out 1984  (as a friend of mine hilariously stated,” I’m in this | Read More »

    The South is Being Invaded

      First it was the Yankees, now it’s the movie industry. Georgia is being invaded. Being in the customer service industry allows me the opportunity to talk to many people. I’ve worked in Alpharetta and I currently work in Buford. Everyday I meet someone whose Yankee accent gives them away. I always ask my Yankee customers why they moved down here. The answers are always | Read More »

    Emasculation: Creating a Nation of Pansies

      The President thinks football is dangerous. If he had a son, he probably wouldn’t let him play, he said. Mr.President, you are in luck because (a), you don’t have a son (I’m not even going to entertain the asinine thoughts concerning women ever meeting the physical requirements akin to that of a 260 lb. linebacker who can run a 40 in under 5 seconds, | Read More »

    Why Anti-Gunners are Against Mental Health Measures

        After reading the yahoo article, “Wisconsin sheriff urges residents to get gun training” ( , I found the asininities too much to resist. As the title of the article suggests, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark Jr. recently made a commercial that urges citizens to “get in the game” and take firearms training to protect themselves. Apparently,  there have been cutbacks to the police | Read More »

    Racism is a Joke

    Demonizing is an invisible force that feeds on hate and ignorance. It is usually initiated by clever strategists who then manipulate viewers and constituents to “run with it” like a herd of dumb animals. They need the herd, but they need them to stay within the fence. I am sick of all the documentaries, books, and MSNBC shows that are hell-bent on “informing” people about | Read More »

    The Way of the Gun

    Sooner or later- probably sooner- Americans will be left with two choices: freedom, or a safety at the mercy of bureaucrats who will have a monopoly on force. I know this may seem overdramatic and paranoid to some, but I am not saying that banning “assault” rifles will result to complete loss of freedom. I am saying it will never be enough. Enough will be | Read More »