Paul Dragu is a freelance writer from Gainesville, Georgia. His work has been published in faith-based magazines, Chicken Soup anthology, and he's also the collaborative author of a memoir coming out in mar. '16 (ELevate Pub.) For more on Paul, visit, or write to him at


    No Reason for Gun Advocate Groups

      I receive daily updates from a conglomerate of gun advocate organizations and clubs. I quickly learned that gun clubs, like other political and semi-political groups, thrive on sensationalism—there’s never a shortage of crises. Bloomberg works tirelessly through the night concocting plans to register firearms, Congress talks about nothing but banning “assault weapons,” and the U.N. meets monthly to talk about ways to impose a | Read More »

    The Evangelical Tactics of Ann Coulter

    “Phillips organized a night out, and Coulter told his gay friends she knew they really didn’t want to get married–she knew they were more interested in promiscuous sex than in traditional family structures … By the end of the dinner, they agreed with her.”

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    Why We Can’t Have Mental Health Checks on Gun Owners

      Because the government would be involved.           #IRStargetingscandal, #Benghazi, #VAscandal, #ObamacareRollout, #$18triDeficit   Paul is a freelance writer from Gainesville, Ga.  Visit Paul at  or email him at

    LGBT Trump Card

    Donald Trump was asked about his three traditional marriages. It is a great example of how Conservatives have failed.

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    Here Comes the Anti-Gun Circus

    Everyone hold your nose because they’re dropping a mountain heap of bison excrement for the next few days.

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