Racism is a Joke

Demonizing is an invisible force that feeds on hate and ignorance. It is usually initiated by clever strategists who then manipulate viewers and constituents to “run with it” like a herd of dumb animals. They need the herd, but they need them to stay within the fence.

I am sick of all the documentaries, books, and MSNBC shows that are hell-bent on “informing” people about how evil America is and how racist and greedy all the white and/or rich are. I understand being informed for the purpose of improving policy and culture, but I don’t think that’s always the aim. I think the aim is division. Why, you ask? That’s a topic for a different time.

I’m not going to say America can do no wrong. That would be asinine. I’m not going to deny neither the Anglo Slave Trade nor the fact that more civilians than should’ve died in Iraq and Panama. I am certainly not going to say racism and greed doesn’t exist. That also would be stupid. But to limit corruption, injustice, and greed to rich and/or white people is based on a thought pattern indicative of mental retardation.

Allow me to flip a few coins over.

Many don’t ask and few seem to mention how exactly it is the slaves the white traders acquired came into the white man’s possession. Allow me to remind you:

“A slave’s journey to a life of servitude often began in the interior of Africa with his or her capture as a prize of war, as tribute given by a weak tribal state to a more powerful one, or by outright kidnapping by local traders. European slave traders rarely ventured beyond Africa’s coastal regions. The African interior was riddled with disease, the natives were often hostile and the land uncharted. The Europeans preferred to stay in the coastal region and have the natives bring the slaves to them.” (http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/slavetrade.htm )

It’s documented fact that the wickedness and greed of the indigenous people of Africa played a huge role in bringing African slaves to the colonies, where further injustice was perpetuated.

Another accomplished mission of major media has been the persuasion that the Native American was a peaceful, noble, and spiritual people who never warred or abused his fellow man until the white man came and showed him how. Mary Jemison writes of her capture by the Iroquois:

“Whenever the little children cried for water, the Indians would make them drink urine, or go thirsty.” (http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/cap.htm )

What else did the spiritual and completely innocent Natives not partake in?

“North American indigenous cultures did practice human sacrifice, but only at an infinitesimally smaller scale compared to the blood lust of the Mexica (Aztecs). (http://www.examiner.com/article/evidence-found-of-human-sacrifice-north-america)

So, apparently Native American’s innocence consisted of not sacrificing other Native Americnas as much as their southern neighbors, the Aztecs. Speaking of South America, what about those noble Incas who were viciously slaughtered and conquered by Francisco Pizaro?

“Although archeologists regularly find evidence of human sacrifice from Incan and pre-Incan cultures, it is rare to find the remains of 33 people in one place, researchers said. Scientists say human sacrifice was common within the Incan culture, which flourished immediately before the arrival of the Spanish in what is now parts of Peru, Chile and Ecuador between 1400 and the mid-1500s.”  (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/southamerica)

Sounds to me like Pizarro didn’t invade a utopia rich in equality and justice. He conquered a society which consisted of a dictator who thought himself a god, a god who saw nothing wrong with knifing out hearts and  decapitating those who weren’t gods like himself. Seems to me like the only thing to change upon Pizarro’s arrival was the ruler.

“Prisoners were taken to the slave-markets where they were paraded naked, with placards around their necks explaining their best and worst qualities. If information on the placards was later found to be untrue, the buyer could take the seller to court.”

If I didn’t know any better, I would think this passage is talking about the American Slave Trade. It’s not:

“Greek slaves were highly valued as they were often well-educated. Greek slaves were used by the rich as teachers, doctors and librarians. They also acted as private artists and musicians.” http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/ROMslaves.htm

Anybody and everybody could have been a slave to the Romans. It’s estimated that as much as 25% of Rome consisted of slaves.  The Romans practically enslaved anyone they conquered. I won’t even go into particular succeeding European Feudal societies and monarchies which made slaves out of their own people and forced them to work in the fields so the aristocrats could throw lavish parties and bathe in food, while the peasant slaves  died of hunger, disease, and fatigue.

The point is not to excuse any one society or race from the atrocities they committed or perpetuated. The point is to humble and put everyone on a collision course with reality. Everybody’s been a slave! Get over it and move ahead. We’re all scum. We all deserve less than we have. There’s a passage in the New Testament in which Apostle Paul tells the Romans that every single human being falls short of the favor of God, for the purpose of not thinking themselves above anybody for any reason at all, because there is none.

All human beings are capable of horrific acts and views. No one has a monopoly on hate and murder. The color of skin or the origin of your homeland continent has nothing to do with your potential for evil. I can take any continent, any race- right now, as in today- and disclose through credible research and even eyewitness accounts that horrible injustices and acts against humanity are being committed as you read this, i.e., sex slaves in Albania, child abduction and rape in Congo, heinous human rights violations in China, decapitation for those who renounce Islam in Syria, corrupt officials selling out and starving Chilean people, etc..

You see, demonizing and screaming “discrimination” every time an incident involving multiple races happens-before knowing any facts or anything besides the color of the skin of those involved ( Treyvon Martin anyone? )-   dilutes the potency and implications of the concept. If the wolf is not there when you call, we won’t be there when the wolf actually shows up. I don’t care how pathetic and starved for attention you are. I take racism seriously and I have personally rebuked those who’ve made racist comments in my presence, but I do not take anything Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton say seriously. Their notoriety is based on exploiting the race division in this country, which they help perpetuate. They make a career out of talking about how racist America is, and if America were to find out that most people are not racist, those two would be out of a job.

There is a scene in Die Hard: With a Vengeance where Samuel Jackson’s character says to Willis’ character,” You just don’t like me ‘cause I’m black.”  Willis responds with, “No. I don’t like you because you’re going to get me killed.”

Civilizations are like a developing individual. They are a living entity. Through the course of life, a person usually grows wiser and more frugal. He learns from experience and oftentimes becomes better for it. Though we all acted like fools once, it is the responsibility of the nations with the most influence to start thinking differently and therefore starting the movement to eliminate stupidity and valid racism, hatred, and discrimination. As a maturing world and as Americans, it is our responsibility to despise those characteristics that will kill us as a society, and that includes false accusations of racism and discrimination, as well as race baiting.

Let us despise and reject any knucklehead who wants to perpetuate hate based on color of skin. For the love of God Almighty, let us start with a slate of love and respect towards everyone we meet, towards every problem we incur. Then if we see that they’re going to get us killed, we are free not to like them.


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