Emasculation: Creating a Nation of Pansies


The President thinks football is dangerous. If he had a son, he probably wouldn’t let him play, he said. Mr.President, you are in luck because (a), you don’t have a son (I’m not even going to entertain the asinine thoughts concerning women ever meeting the physical requirements akin to that of a 260 lb. linebacker who can run a 40 in under 5 seconds, lift over a quarter of a ton, and hit with the equivalent force of a an Alaskan Ram) and (b), even if you did, no one would ever force your son to play football. In fact, Mr. President, no one forces any football player- college or NFL- to play football. You see, in a free society, those boys decide they want to play football. In fact, they sweat long and hard- for years- in the hot sun and in the weight room, just to get the opportunity to have an opportunity to play on the grass in Tuscaloosa or Athens. You don’t understand that for the same reason Piers Morgan will never understand that having particular guns is not about guns at all. In fact, you both still think gun ownership is about hunting and skeet shooting.


This isn’t about football. This isn’t even about what, if anything, the President really meant when he made said remark.

This is about an idea. This is about balls.

This is about the threat those balls pose to those wishing to have even more power. The courage and raw skills and abilities it takes to play with the world’s best athletes in the world’s toughest sports league inspires us- the people- and draws a respect and awe that power-hungry bureaucrats wish they could receive just a fraction of.

It is in a man’s DNA to want to be a warrior. We are certainly not all warriors in a Gladiator sense of the word, but in one way or another, we all aspire for courage and audacity. We seek adventure, and the only road to it is bravery. No slack-jawed, go where the wind blows, conniving politician ever won a battle or changed the landscape of an entire region the way General Washington or William Wallace did. It wasn’t a congressman who broke the sound barrier. It wasn’t a Senator who broke the color barrier in baseball. Ivy League school professors didn’t venture into dangerous territory and map out North America. Pundits didn’t storm the beaches of Normandy. Journalists didn’t march into Berlin and cause an evil tyrant to hide underground and poison himself.

Warriors did. Men did this.

Football inspires men to keep going when our bodies want to give up. It inspires men to look an over-sized opponent up in the chin and still charge him with everything we have. It reminds us that any given Sunday- or Saturday- anyone can win and that every expert and naysayer can and has been wrong (for those of you scratching your head about the ‘Saturday’ part of this sentence, remember Appalachian State and Michigan) .  Football brings honor for giving it everything you have. We give honor and respect as long as you walk off that field with nothing left on it. I have rarely been more proud of my Bulldogs than when they came back to Athens beaten and bruised by an Alabama team who wish never to see that Georgia team again.

Football is just another vital and unique part of American heritage, much like gun ownership and traditional Christian values, that is getting in the way of reshaping America to fit into the mold of a new “civilized” world. Football inspires courage, toughness, and even rebellion. And when your goal is to form a society void of moral convictions and dependent on the government for life in every sense of the word, sheer, brutally violent activities which are looked at with awe and respect will have to be diluted or done away with. (Watch out hockey. You might be next)

I think the President and people in power hate most things masculine outside of their control.  Masculinity amounts to boldness, and the leftist media smears most things masculine and contrary to liberal ideology as ‘uncivil’, ‘barbaric’, and/or ‘intolerant.’ They claim to want a world where no one has the means to kill kids in school, but they have no problem with one where it’s quite legal to have stopped the heartbeats of an estimated 50 million babies. They want a world free of prejudice, but every incident which happens to have both black and white involved, somehow never fails to have racism at its core, even when there is no evidence of such. They want a world of civil liberties and acceptance of all, but when a Christian fast-food chain owner voices his opinion on marriage, he is threatened to be kicked out of Chicago and Boston by its respective mayors. They want to empower the poor and enlighten the uneducated, yet they support the very unions which are the reason bad teachers are still perpetuating a cycle of uneducated and unrespected children. Liberals say they believe in free speech but yet we can’t discuss the correlation between race and poverty and crime; we can’t discuss the statistics of STD’s among homosexuals; we can’t talk about the relationship the Pentagon may have with weapons manufacturers. But they want a society of free speech.

This last Superbowl was won by a fourth-seed team who was led by a man with a complicated past who never gives an interview without giving praise to his God. Baltimore wasn’t supposed to win against Denver (they almost didn’t). They weren’t supposed to beat the proven Patriots (they beat them pretty handedly). And they were an underdog to a ‘Niners franchise who has never lost once they made it to the Big Game (they have now).

If you were to keep up with major media, you would think Conservatism is becoming a minority. And considering the outcome of the election, there might be some validity to that notion.

Right now, all the pundits are saying Conservatism is a dying animal; a team on the verge of defeat.  They say the age of “superstition” and “barbarism” is coming to an end. We already discussed what their world would look like. And to achieve this “civil” world, they will need compliant docile masses.

This is not about football.

This is about an attitude. Diluting football for the sake of making it safer  is a ploy to take another step of transforming males into a bunch of pansies. The men of a society must be neutered if that society will be fundamentally taken over and transformed. It’s not enough that men are wearing girl’s jeans and eye shadow. It’s not enough that too many men can’t even change a flat tire. It’s not enough that we have a problem with abandoning our children. It’s not enough that we’ve become the imbecile in every commercial and sitcom.  Now we must stop playing a violent sport and the rest of us must stop cheering them on.  We must be neutered of our last testicle.

You can declare on your billboard that we are playing our last game, but we know better than to listen to the words of those who wish to crush us.

In the words of a man named Andrew Jackson,” a man with courage makes a majority.”




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