Sanitation ‘Engineer’: More Fluffy Propaganda

Sanitation engineer.

It’s supposed to be a nice word for garbage man. If you ask me, a garbage man is a garbage man. It’s not an insult. It just is. He is not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination. An engineer designs stuff. Like buildings, rockets that soar into outer space, automobiles which speak in lovely female voices, and bridges which hover over and under other complicated structures, or waterways. Engineers are commonly involved in complicated things which, when ‘mis-engineered’, people often die. Other times they just design cool stuff sold by Apple.

How did we get to where we can so freely throw the title ‘engineer’ to a man who collects garbage? This reminds me of the movie, Who’s the Man. There’s a scene where someone asks Dr. Dre what exactly he had done to acquire the title of ‘doctor.’ Had he gone to medical school? Was he a seasoned surgeon? Was he capable of diagnosing physical ailments? What exactly caused a bumbling barber to bestow on himself a heading usually bequeathed on those with a decade of academic training and the ability to remove and replace a heart on a living human being?

I believe I know why we call a garbage man a sanitation engineer. As part of the political correctness campaign, we are instructed to soften the blow of reality and put a blanket of fluffy before we proceed to speak. The heavy advocates of not calling a spade a spade will usually defend their dogma based on the agenda of civility. That word again; Civility. I mentioned this civility agenda on my rant about the ‘pansification’ of America, and this pretty cake with icing of rabbit dung has made its way onto our dinner table again.

The reason we label all acts of discarding or candy-coating truth and statistics ‘civil’ is because no opponent will be taken seriously if he’s against civility. I could hear Chris Mathews now: What are you, a barbarian or something? You want to go back to the days of baking soda for dental hygiene and slavery for those who can’t pay their debt? (These are always the alternatives when you’re against a liberal agenda)

The problem with never being allowed to hurt someone’s feelings and candy-coating their reality is that it does more harm than good. For instance, as Adam Corolla recently mentioned, the other night the President was lobbying for raising the minimum wage so couples with minimum wage can have enough to raise their children. And all the idiots at the SOTUS went along and clapped. How come none of the commentators from MSNBC or CNN brought up the most obvious point?

 Why in the world do we want to encourage minimum wage workers to keep doing what they’re doing?

Is this where we want to go as a country? Are we to aspire to make more money flipping burgers and bagging groceries instead of making more money because we have learned a skill that takes more than three hours of training? (Yes, I have worked at McDonalds.)

We’re afraid to say,” Look dude, you need to work hard, focus, and avoid having kids until you have attained a skillful trade which will allow you the financial means to adequately care for you and your prospective family. That’s part of growing up. You don’t deserve to get paid more for doing the same crap-job you’ve been doing. If you want to get paid more, learn a marketable skill and get a better job! “

As long as we keep submitting to the machine of political correctness, we will continue to get nicer but also weaker and more stupid at the same time. Our women will be getting stomped on the front lines of war because it is politically incorrect to bring up the hard facts of the physical limits of the female body. We will have our Christian religion diluted to nothing because it hurts others’ feelings to believe that you have found the only way to eternity and it happens to contradict others’ ways. We will have our arms taken away because some yuppie with a roof garden, who has yet to have his life threatened, finds them reprehensible and, apparently, capable of pulling its own trigger. We will continue to be divided by the ignorance of racism because it is politically incorrect to call out the race baiters on major media for making a living calling all conservative white people racist (if one was paying attention to these numb-nuts, you would swear that only white people are capable of racism). We will succumb to the gay agenda because the weasels have convinced the feeble-minded that disagreeing with a lifestyle and hating someone because of it is one in the same thing. (It’s not. The two are very separable much the way a mother still loves her addict son.)

The things that need to be talked about most are precisely those which we can’t talk about. Look, I have no problem with garbage men or people who flip burgers. They are both jobs which are in demand and I am very thankful for the trash that doesn’t pile up in my house and the quick mcdouble I can get on the run. Just don’t try to elevate a position to disillusion somebody into thinking they are a doctor or an engineer. Stop twisting reality for the sake of building your cowardly little numb world. If you are ashamed of flipping burgers, good. Maybe that’ll inspire you to go to school and learn a trade. Such a move benefits us all. You’re less likely to act like an idiot when you’re educated, and you’re more likely to put more into the tax pot. Everyone wins.

I have hope for America only. Everyone else has too much history of giving in and being conquered. Walker Yates had an interesting article about why Americans have succeeded.

Because Americans are crazy.

It will take crazy, stubborn Americans to ignite this anti-political correctness campaign and finally get back to truth and reality. I’m not saying we should retract on energy-efficiency or civil liberties. I am saying Americans need to stop being cowards and start standing up for the ideals and  truths which we believe. That’s what made this country free and so attractive that my dad served two prison terms for trying to escape his eastern European communist homeland and make it to ‘Merica. (Spoiler alert; he and his family finally made it to America). By the way, the communist country I was born in was also not a fan of people disagreeing with the established government and media.

Enough stupidity is enough. America, don’t let those who risked so much to come here down by becoming what we risked our lives to escape.


p.s. This has nothing to do with garbage men.


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