Anger is not a Crime

The following paragraph illustrates the level of absurdity which has been elected to represent a district of Americans:

Senator  Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, believes firearm owners  who want to purchase ammunition should have to complete anger management courses every ten years in order to be able to attain said ammunition (http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/03/06/florida-lawmaker-wants-anger-management-courses-for-ammunition-buyers/).

“This is not about guns” she said. At least she got that part right.

I am sick of these deranged lunatics -who are my employees- telling me what I am and what I need to do in order to fit in a world they want to shape, a world which I’m too dumb and wild for right now. And I’m sick of the feeble-minded numbskulls who agree with these manically stupid representatives they keep electing. You elect the same idiots that help perpetuate the same bison-dropping of an education system and yet you have the gall to blame guns and rich people when these unloved and poorly educated kids shoot one another. You allow the special interest lobby to run amok and poison the minds of millions of people with psychotic drugs, which have repeatedly shown to be present in the mind of almost every mass shooter, yet you want to punish and blame all 80 million American gun owners while doing nothing to expose the pharmaceuticals and their cohorts. You take God out of schools and then you wonder how these white-collar criminals had the lack of conscious to rob people of millions of dollars.

The solution is always the same with staties: rules on this, rules on that, rules on the walls, rules on the ceilings, rules because they’ll stop the killings and cause the sprouting of lilies.

Allow me to enlighten all those who want to rid this world of all hurt and tragedy: IT CANNOT BE DONE! You want prove? Click here: http://www.foxnews.com/science/2013/02/19/russian-meteor-was-largest-in-century/ That’s right. A big rock from outer space landed on earth and people were hurt because of it. What are you going to do about that? Propose a ban on meteorites and hope they, like criminals, will get the memo and leave law-abiding  citizens alone?

Allow me to make another point. Self-respecting human beings are not made to be controlled. There is at least 6,000 years of recorded history that can attest to that. We are not made to have to ask for permission regarding God-given rights. That is the exact reason this country was formed and it is the major reason why immigrants such as my own dad suffered two prison sentences in communist prison to get here; because another country’s statist government kept telling us what we can and can’t  do (there was more can’t than can). If you want to rid society of its ills ( I won’t take for granted your being aware that such a feat will never be completely accomplished in the world as it is now), start with education and economic reform. Start with dispelling (by dispelling, I mean turn it off) the trash which comes from television and radio. Get off the couch and talk to your children for once. Read a book and learn the basics of reasoning, and maybe, like stupidity, wisdom will infect not only you, but your children.

I’m not saying we can’t bring crime numbers down with more regulation. We probably can. Japan has very low crime numbers. They also have 0 unsolved murders (it doesn’t necessarily have to be the guilty party, but somebody always goes down for a murder). One thing puppet drones like Piers Morgan won’t tell you is that every household in Japan is raided by police once a year. It’s their version of a census. Everyone in the household is questioned and the house inspected. Why? So they can say they have low crime rate and no unsolved murders.

We get closer to a police state every time we entertain the maniacal ramblings of people like Audrey Gibson. This is America. People died so we can try and fail in business. People died because they got sick of England stationing soldiers in their houses. People died so those who don’t want to work can be poor (this doesn’t mean they died so a CEO can make 400 times more than an average worker). People died so we can get angry without the fear of losing our guns. (99.9 ½ % of gun owners get mad and never shoot anyone. )

There are far too many of these state-indoctrinated imbeciles with a voice. While my suggestion is not to use the tentacle of the state to shut them up, it is one simpler than that. We vote these cretins out of office. Every ding-bat whose first response to crime and poverty is always more government needs to go. They are obviously not fans of facts and/or history. You look at our welfare slums and fed-run education system and you’ll see nothing but poverty, crime, and ignorance. So, if you’re too dumb to accept that and fail to look for solutions in community charities, freedom of choice, and free markets, then you should be voted out.

If you want to control something, get a dog. Get three dogs. There’s no law (yet) on how many dogs you can have. Make them just like you. I don’t care. But leave me alone. I have been angry approximately 500,000 times and never have I shot anyone. Not once while I was angry did I even think of shooting anyone. I’ve  punched stuff. Kicked stuff over. I’ve decimated my cell phone to pieces as I threw it against the wall with the form and speed of a minor league pitcher. And you know what? I might do it again. I’ll break as much of my stuff as I want to. I’ll yell as loud as I want. But I will not be punished for it.

Anger is not a crime.

How’s that for anger management Senator Gibson?!

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