“No Society Can Survive this Level of Stupidity”


America needs a national coalition that will address and maybe even take to court all lunatics who make a mockery of reason and sanity which, as a result, ends up as a colossal misuse of taxpayer dollars and a deterioration of society as a whole. Said hypothetical coalition should go for the jugular of a staff of Maryland teachers who recently suspended a seven-year-old boy for nibbling a pop tart into the shape of a gun. Not only did the teachers suspend the boy, but they offered other students counseling if they were ‘traumatized.’ (http://www.therightscoop.com/second-grader-suspended-for-turning-pop-tart-into-toy-gun/) These teachers and everyone who associates with them should be taken to court by the citizens of that district for urinating on reason and hard-earned taxpayer income, and the judge should rule they never be allowed to teach… or breed.


In the United States it is legal to kill unborn human beings with beating hearts and developed eyes and arms and legs- 50 million to be approximate- but a guy who drowns twelve dogs is sent to prison and has to cancel his book tour due to excessive death threats by people who usually place more value on the sanctity of animal lives than human ones.

In American colleges students are taught that the Founders had questionable character because some of them owned slaves, yet Karl Marx-a man who spent all his time in the library while his family starved and lived in quarters infested with cockroaches and mold- and whose ideas and dreams are responsible for the death of more human beings in half a century than all the previous wars in history combined, is regarded a great man by professors at universities such as Georgia State.

In the U.S.,  a kid with lots of energy-one who acts like a child- is put on psychotic medication, but a grown man who wants his member cut off so he can be a woman is being considered for taxpayer funding for such a procedure ( see Northern California districts).

In the U.S. we can’t drug test those welfare recipients receiving taxpayer money, but we can drug-test the taxpayer whose money is being given to them.

In the U.S. you must pass a written exam and driving test to be able to drive, but you don’t need I.D.  or any knowledge of American democracy or history to have a say in the laws which shape every aspect of living in American society.

In cities like Chicago it is nearly impossible to carry a concealed firearm because lawmakers think the people who carry them illegally will also stop carrying them after such laws are passed. (People in fancy colleges with tweed sweaters and books to prove how smart they are actually think this makes sense; the record-setting homicide numbers of Chicago did nothing to pop the balloon of this asinine assumption.)

In America, the mayors of Chicago and Boston wanted to kick out a fast-food chain because the CEO doesn’t believe in gay marriage, but the same mayors say nothing against the billions of American dollars that go to countries who chop people’s heads off for being gay, who want nothing more than the annihilation of the U.S. In the U.S., the people who agree with said CEO and voice their disapproval of certain lifestyles and viewpoints are ridiculed and shunned as bigots and hateful… because they’re intolerant. How’s that for irony?

In our universities we teach students there are no absolutes- right and wrong is subjective- yet we wonder how they could have the lack of conscience to rob retirees of millions of dollars or gamble with billions of taxpayer dollars.

When employers don’t hire someone because they’re black it’s called racism, but if employers don’t hire someone because they’re white, it’s called affirmative action. (I won’t even bring up the old-school hiring strategy which was based on qualifications; see latest Dekalb County board hiring debacle.)

Society is sick. We have a brain tumor.

If this insanity doesn’t stop we will all die of starvation because PETA will have bought a Supreme Court judge who will rule that we can’t eat meat anymore, and some crazy environmental group will have convinced some imbecile of a judge that plants have feelings and, they too, should be spared from consumption.

Folks, forget about anthrax or an Islamic invasion. If we allow the lunatics in education to continue poisoning the minds of our children with objectivism and nonsense, and the politically correct politicians with absurdity, we’re done for. As Mark Stein said it, “No society can survive this level of stupidity.” We’ll be written about in history books as the first society to die from stupidity:

Right before their collapse, the Unites States school systems began suspending students for biting their food into the shape of inanimate objects. 

We must return to a state of common sense and courage. The same tactics that got us here may have to be implemented to get us back to a moral society with common sense. We will develop outspoken watch groups whose sole responsibility will be to stand against the crazies I’ve mentioned. We will elect officials with balls and integrity, officials who will stand for the Constitution and the future of our children (we’ve already begun doing that). As citizens, we will watch and be involved in local and national news. When teachers lose their minds and Senators suggest anger management courses as a prerequisite to buying firearm ammo, we will be on them like southern gravy on mashed potatoes. We will name this watch group American Citizens Against Imbeciles (ACAI).

I don’t sure how one would do it, but I am pleading with those more capable than myself to somehow head this national coalition, or maybe empower those which already exist. As I mentioned, these groups will be responsible for identifying and limiting the voice of any individual or group of cretins who make a mockery of taxpayer education facilities and elected offices, to their respective coffee table conversations. My problem is not necessarily with the act of thinking like a moron. My problem is with your disease of stupid infecting others.

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