‘Brainwashing’ Accusations by the Brainwashed on Supreme Court Steps


Folks, if you were worried that the upcoming generation might be a little wiser and smarter, then fear no longer. I have video proof illustrating stupidity cloaked in extreme self-belief is alive and well. The following illustrates a comical yet sad case of irony at its best… or worst, depending how you look at it.

In the parenthesized video link a young lady is proudly explaining to the older and less enlightened gentleman that the reason women bear children and men are masculine is because they were “brainwashed” to do and think so (http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/26/heated-debate-outside-supreme-court-video/). She is dialoguing with the older gentleman, as both have showed up on the Supreme Court steps to voice their opposing viewpoints on ‘marriage equality.’

I have news for this young lady and anyone who might think like her.

Women bear children because they can. Yup. I’m not sure what they’re teaching in anatomy class these days, but as far as I know, men still can’t bear children and women still do. In fact, I had a lovely customer yesterday who had given birth to four children. I witnessed a snippet of her life as she spent about half an hour transferring car seats from the rental vehicle to her own. And you know the crazy thing? She told me she enjoyed being a mother. She called it one of the “hardest but rewarding” things in the world.  And if enlightened geniuses think she lives such a life because she is uneducated and without options, then they’re wrong. This young mother has a teaching degree, which she uses to home-school her two older children. And by the way, she stays at home while her husband cuts trees and drives a truck for a living. How’s that for traditional roles you feminist Nazis?

Women bear children because they can and because they were made to, not because they were cajoled into it (although manipulation may be the case in extreme situations which are not the topic of this conversation). Spare me the chauvinist-label attacks all you who are considering it. I’ve seen and heard too many women who take great pride and joy in their children and upbringing to be convinced otherwise. If you don’t want to have children, don’t. I don’t care. But don’t think for one second other women should feel like you and ,they too, should break out of this bearing-children-and-raising-them oppressive mold society has created. Nature and common sense say the opposite. You think you’re smart because some snooty Professor told you what to verbally regurgitate and you believed him at an age medical science has concluded the brain is only partially developed? Get real. There is no greater statistical correlation to stupidity than youth.

You can take that to the bank.

Secondly, men are taught to be masculine because we are made to be. Anatomically, we have higher levels of testosterone and body strength. Our brains are also different. When a male fetus develops in the womb,  the two hemispheres of our brains separate. This means men are more capable of compartmentalizing.

In conclusion, men are generally physically stronger and operate using a different desktop program. Innate in that is masculinity. We are protectors and explorers by nature. Sure, we can be scumbags, but that is not a character flaw limited to men. In a previous relationship, it was the woman I was with who did all the cheating and scheming, not I. She played the role of scumbag.


Folks, when people think themselves smarter and above the natural laws by which we were made to live by, and consider those of us who function and believe according to the way we were designed to as ‘brainwashed,’ we are witnessing nothing short of pure, stupid irony.

It takes an impressive amount of brainwashing to convince anyone that women bear children only because the big, bad evil men of society have told them to so. Apparently, we’ve been holding back some grand secret that would pass the task of bearing children to someone- or something- else. (I wish I was in on  this big secret)

Who’s really being brainwashed?

Dark matter, rocket engines, and economics may be complicated matters. But other things are not. We make them complicated because we think ourselves smarter and more capable than the Creator who made us. We were made to run on gasoline and, all of a sudden, we got some hair up our behind where we insist we fill up with fruit punch.


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