It’s a Tyrants’ World and Rebels are Needed


Call me a delusional romantic or a nationalist. I really don’t care. But if you call me, I’d prefer the former.

I’ve concluded that even though my blood is 100% Eastern European, my heart is 120% American. Even more accurately, it is 90% Dixie. Not the media-perpetuated racist Dixie. The leave-me-the-hell-alone-I-pay-your-salary-you-work-for-me Dixie. I use Dixie as a synonym for all rightly rebellious reasonings.

The more I see and hear, the less confidence I have in everyone except America. The Senate’s recent refusal to pass more bogus, freedom-infringing gun laws invigorated me just a bit. I know the fight is a long way from being over, but I am encouraged that such a bison-manure-covered proposal didn’t even get past a Democrat-controlled Senate. After all, barely over a decade ago, firearms were outlawed in England, and more recently, in Australia.

My parents, who lived half of their lives in communist Romania, occasionally watch videos and interviews with certain American individuals and groups. Even after 25 years of living in the United States, they never cease to wonder in joyful surprise at how an individual could stand up and speak out against laws, regulations, and even particular persons of government, which such audacity.

That explains why Eastern Europe was taken over and ruled by murderous tyrants who ruled with an iron fist of fear, poverty, and hunger for half a century, and why such a cancerous mindset is spreading westward. Standing up to statism should be considered normal, not an exception. One should be amazed when people agree with the ridiculous notion that disarming law-abiding citizens will stop criminals from acting like criminals. Everyone who can read should be astounded next time some media puppet-stooge suggests the concept of a democratic government going rogue as ludicrous, when, after all, we have footage of the results of a highly sophisticated and democratic government that murdered six million Jews.

America is special. Not perfect. Take it from someone who is acquainted with another culture. While there are brainwashed buffoons who’ve been taught to completely ignore the evidence of history and accept and trust the State, there is a group louder and more passionate than said brainwashed buffoons. Such people and groups inspire me.

I once read a book called Born Fighting. It is about the Scots-Irish, the ancestry of the back-bone of America. The blood that flows through the veins of Americans is the same that flowed through the Picts and Caledonians  who so frustrated a behemoth of a Roman Empire that, instead of continual loss of Roman soldiers, the Romans built Hadrian’s Wall with the hope that everyone would stay on their side (such aspirations weren’t as successful as they hoped). The author, Jim Webb, remarked that this particular culture is one which, instead of acclimating and integrating to their surroundings when it comes to their core values, they usually intensely rebel and infect those around them with the same attitudes.

I used the word ‘romantic’ because I love a good story about defying the odds. I love a good story about an underdog and his victory. We are in one.

We live in a broken world that is more inclined to atrophy than to improvement. We have to do nothing but be ‘normal citizens’ and our world will fall apart. But in order to upkeep the house, we have to repaint the walls, redo the floors, fix the roof, and replace the broken glass. It takes effort just to keep things the way they are.

It is up to Americans to lead the world in Democracy again. It seems everyone else has clocked out. The same spirit of the soon-to-be Scots-Irish who never bent a knee to Rome needs to be the underlying spirit of Americans. Man was born to be free. Not free of structure and order, but free to think, dream, and follow through without the interference of a state who thinks itself on par with God. There is no autonomous entity known as society. That’s Marxist jibber-jabber regurgitated by Columbia professors who know nothing outside of sitting around in their tweed sweaters with cigars in hand and idealistic but unrealistic nonsense on their lips. There are people and we form society, or community, or whatever you want to call it. Spare me the ‘greater good’ bullocks.  I’ve seen the results of a ‘greater good.’ It ends up with a greater deal of misery.

We can’t give in just because everyone else is doing it. America didn’t become the place everyone wants to be because we did things like everyone else. If we wanted government to impede on our right to bear arms or our God-given right to privacy, immigrants like my parents and I would’ve stayed where we were. If we wanted to be penalized for having successful businesses, there’s an entire hemisphere to the East that is all too happy to accommodate such desires.

The world is watching us. Let’s remind them we still got the fire.


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