The South is Being Invaded


First it was the Yankees, now it’s the movie industry. Georgia is being invaded.

Being in the customer service industry allows me the opportunity to talk to many people. I’ve worked in Alpharetta and I currently work in Buford. Everyday I meet someone whose Yankee accent gives them away. I always ask my Yankee customers why they moved down here. The answers are always one of three, if not all three: Taxes/ expense of living is low, great weather, and/or good schools (I know Georgia education ranks low in the nation, but we also happen to have some of the best schools, most of them concentrated in Gwinnett County and North Fulton).

Yahoo just posted an article which disclosed what we Georgians already knew: the movie industry really likes us (http://movies.yahoo.com/news/big-growth-likely-georgias-film-industry-150552810.html ). Apparently, it has something to do with tax incentives. Who would’ve thunk it?

I’m not a great tax guy, but to me, the proof seems to be in the pudding. Companies and people are moving to places where it doesn’t cost twenty dollars for a six-pack of beer and ten dollars for a sandwich; states like Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Caterpillar just opened a plant in Athens, and they need workers. Volkswagen is opening a plant in Tennessee. We don’t have enough time to talk about everything that’s going on in Texas.

This is all good news for us southern dwellers. But it is also perplexing. How are we- the people of the United States- still considering tax hikes? What is there to talk about? Who are the idiots supporting the representatives and senators that can’t read graphs and statistics?

On a fiscal basis, my dialogues with southern-dwelling Yankees have proved that, for the most part, conservative fiscal policy is one thing most Yankees agree with. Socially, I also want to look at this invasion as an opportunity, not a threat.

The Danger of Liberal Entertainers

Some of my brother’s friends received multi-second air time in some show about vampires and diaries. The show is being filmed somewhere near Atlanta ( it appears I wasn’t curious enough to ask where exactly it’s being filmed. I can’t wait for vampires to finally die and stop invading the screen) They even went to the after-party and have the pictures to prove it.

Liberal actors and entertainers are different from liberal professors, pundits, and politicians.  Entertainers are more dangerous because they’re usually less-informed, yet surer of themselves… because they’re on TV. They subscribe to the latest and coolest progressive idea and   perpetuate it by feeding it to the off-guard public. Their  interviews have more impact on people than the news because people don’t read or watch the news. They’re more likely to watch Jay Leno, or if they read, they’ll read Entertainment Weekly or People, all great magazines for killing brain cells. On top of all that, people who actually care what Paris Hilton dressed her cat in are more apt to believe anything, making them dangerously ignorant, as actors spew a great deal of hogwash without batting an eyelash.

As the liberal ideas pour into our region, we must be diligent to counter them and reinforce our fiscal and moral values. Churches, especially inside the perimeter, are already on top of this. They are preaching a Gospel contrary in values to what Hollywood teaches.

This is an opportunity for the South to shine. We will love and welcome people, but we will not compromise our values. This is our chance to do it right. We may have screwed up before, but this time we have our ducks in a row.

Welcome to the South!


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