The Heckler and the Commentators


My brother is a recruiter for the army. He works one of the most difficult areas in the country: San Marino, California. It turns out that area is very liberal, and liberals are not a big fan of war. At least that’s the way they like to put it. I guess they think everyone who joins the army does so to invade small countries and play real-life Call of Duty. Maybe they think we Southerners relish the idea of sending our friends and family members to booby-trapped desserts and poverty-stricken cities where you’re liable to get shot for a pita sandwich.

The other day he- my recruiter brother- was buying groceries after work. He was in uniform. It turns out some dude who was also grocery shopping- or maybe he worked there, I’m not sure- noticed my brother and proceeded to tell him- in an obnoxiously loud manner- how much he hated the U.S. military and what he thought of him personally. My brother tried to ignore him, but the angry fellow followed him and kept heckling him. My brother finally became tired of the heckler, turned around, and told him he was sorry he spent a year in the dessert defending a piece of “sh*t” like him. Heckler guy got upset and swung for the face. He was blocked, twisted up, grounded, and literally put to sleep until the police arrived. (I wonder how often police officers arrive at the scene with the aggressor asleep?)

Then there’s this little dialogue between Bill Maher and Michael Moore. http://dailycaller.com/2013/05/18/bill-maher-gop-guilty-of-treason-michael-moore-they-hate-america/ I don’t always disagree with these two. Moore has made some interesting points on the 400 to 1 salary distribution ratio between some CEO’s and workers (which if half true, is simply ridiculous). Bill Maher, on the other hand, is just funny (remember when he was talking to Bill O’Reilly about religion and Bill used the word ‘fishes,’ to which Maher relpied, “Really, Bill? Fishes?” O’Reilly had no clue what happened.)

But in this particular clip, the M&M’s are morons. First, they accuse the Tea Party of hating America. Then they make fun of folks with guns because they are suspicious of government tyranny.

The condensed reason Moore thinks the Tea Party hates America is because they want smaller government and they want it out of their lives as much as possible. It turns out Moore equates government with ‘the people,’ therefore making anyone who’s opposed to certain aspects of government automatically a hater of America as a whole.

This is clearly indicative of an imbecilic thought pattern, one lack in logic, or even a general knowledge of history. Hundreds of years of recorded history-as well as our own Declaration of Independence- clearly illustrate that a people have every right to be suspicious of government, seeing as how governments have been the single greatest perpetrators of genocide… ever. Just because a government is supposed to be “for the people, by the people,”  does not guarantee that’s the way it’s going to be. Was Alger Hiss for the people when working for the U.S. State Department as a communist spy? Are the hundreds of politicians for the people when they are bribed and bought by lobbyists representing the interests of big companies who care nothing that they poison our bodies with toxic food, or make billions of dollars for selling drugs for made-up diseases? Is a piece of legislation that puts America deeper into debt while restraining the god-given freedom of choice, for the people?

You would think such insights are common sense for two individuals who do nothing but dwell on precisely these matters.

It takes more than words to be for the people. Just like it takes more than words for something to be affordable. Talk is cheap. (See heckler in grocery store.)

The second point is more or less the same. People who are suspicious of government and their extension of power have every right to be. It’s not very complicated, nor maniacally paranoid. Governments are suppressive entities by nature. They see themselves through a paternalistic and/or superior filter, one  which entails the belief that they know what’s better for the ‘common man.’ (I suppose if I were to watch Jerry Springer or various reality television shows, I too, would conclude that all American citizens are intellectually incapable of doing what’s best for themselves.)

I’m hoping the trifecta of the latest scandals have awoken people to the fact that government- even our own- is not to be trusted (not that some people needed to be reminded of this). Whether the IRS and DOJ really had malevolent intentions, or are simply corrupt and/or incompetent should make no difference. Any of those  reasons are good enough for us not to trust government.


So, what are commonsensical people who just want to be left alone and have life, liberty, and the opportunity to pursue happiness to do when stupidity and  naiveté has made itself a home in the minds of the very same people it’s supposed to serve? What are we supposed to do when the very same people who are in the boat with us are so idiotic that, instead of helping us bucket water out of the boat, they are transferring water from the ocean into the boat? Should we kick these idiots out of the boat? How would we do that? Should we ignore them and convince as many people as we can to fix the boat until the self-destructive cretins are a nonfactor?

What are we to do?


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